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BlizzCon ’15

And already another year has passed. BlizzCon 2015 brought very interesting news on all fronts. Now in-case you aren’t aware I am a huge World of Warcraft fan and I love playing a lot of the other Blizzard games as well. I have been playing World of Warcaft for many years now but still really only play on one character, Trigne a shadow priest, and have a banker character, Juho a retribution paladin, who I have been recently upgrading more. So this year there were many wonderful announcements for all the Blizzard games and I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on the announcements.

First off let us talk about the game I love and play the most, World of Warcraft. During BlizzCon tons of information was released regarding the new Legion xpack. We got to see some details of the new zones in the Broken Isles and I must say they look amazing just like every other zone they have produced. It is nice to see some of the Nordic influences again that made Northrend one of the best continents. I also love the fact that the zones will scale with your level so now you can choose one of the zones to start in and you wont feel cheated when you go to another zone that was a lower level. I wouldn’t mind seeing this in future xpacks as long as it works out nicely. Demon Hunters have been long requested by the community and this is probably the best expansion they could include them in because the lore and story syncs up nicely with the attack of the Burning Legion.

One major thing with Legion that is bugging me however is the artifact weapons. Blizzard has been moving further to allow you to customize your character and play with a wide range of spells and talents per class. They are also rolling out a system that allows for you to pick and choose your clothing look so that you can match and be unique in game. This is however not true with the weapons, they are forcing you to roll with a weapon that you may not like. Now in my case I love playing shadow as my main spec for priest with disc being my off-spec. Well I personally love the look and power that is portrayed with a staff however now I will be force to carry around a dagger. This is pretty shitty if you ask me, I have to go from carrying a large two handed staff down to a steak knife? For this reason alone I will probably be forced to play disc for most the expansion. The system instead should allow for there to be three different artifacts per class but that are not necessarily bound per spec to allow a little bit of personalization. O yea there are no other weapons through the rest of the xpack to you have to use your artifact weapon…

The next game I want to mention is Heroes of the Storm. I have been playing this game quite a bit and I love playing Sgt. Hammer, a siege tank that just levels everything around, and Lt. Morales, a Terran medic that can heal and transport others all over the map. It was interesting to watch the panels discussing how they pick and choose the characters that get added into the game. I am glad they want to challenge the limits of the genre creating such awesome characters. Cho’Gall is one character controlled by two different players which is pretty interesting and will create some epic wins or epic fails. Also watching the panels about how they balance the characters so they have decent win rate between 55% and 45%. The new map also looks awesom and I love that some maps will be getting more technical while if you want a straight forward fight you have the new Arena where its small and with one objective.

One thing that I also enjoy watching is the Q&A section where guests can ask the developers questions directly. Blizzard is one of the few studios where you have the chance to talk directly to those that create the game. The first question for this panel was about death animations and how dull they are for most characters. It was great to hear that they loved the thought and will look into making the Protoss characters disappear in the blue flame or Diablo being sucked into a soulstone. Another question was regarding gender-bending and allowing for a male Jana or a female Illidan. This is a wonderful question and glad it was brought up along with the developers really liking the idea. In today’s world this is really something we should see more and more in games and I really welcome it.

Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void will be coming out shortly and I am looking forward to this. I did enjoy playing Starcraft alot growing up with my brother and when I have friends that hop on in game to play. Having Co-Op missions will really bring more people in and want to play with friends instead of having to compete and have those rage quits against a cheese. I also can not wait for Arcon mode which allows two players to control one base so one can focus on assaults and the other can focus on building. I was concerned that there would be nothing really else for Starcraft because this is the last xpack however there will be mission packs that come out that add some more story and narrative to secondary characters.

Overwatch also had some great announcements with a new map and three new characters. With this being such a unique first person shooter I cant wait for it to come out however I am bummed they are not releasing it on Mac OS. I dont know what is really going on here and why and are leaning away from Mac. They were one of the few game developers that had content you could play on a Mac and that helped their sales. Now they are steering away from it which causes me some concern. Luckly Overwatch will be on consoles so maybe I will look into getting one of those later. Also one of the game editions included Tracer as a character in Heroes of the Storm which is awesome. I hope there will be some sort of story mode in the future for Overwatch because it has great potential.

Now there were some announcements for Diablo and Hearthstone however I really don’t play those games much so I didn’t pay much attention to them. Since I do have the virtual ticket however I probably will go back and atleast watch the Diablo panel to find out what is coming out soon. I have occasionally played Diablo but I get bored of it kind of quickly and the story just doesn’t keep me invested unlike the stories of Starcraft and Warcraft. Anyways those are my thoughts on some of the announcements and I must say the Murky Illidan is just bad ass. See you in-game and feel free to add me in! – Trigne#1910


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