On Friday the 13th, a series of organized attacks erupted in the City of Paris, France. Not since WWII has Paris seen this kind of devastation. 129 people died with another 350+ injured. All I can do is pray and hope those responsible face proper judgement.

The attacks started at 9:20 pm with a suicide bomb right outside the Stade de France, a sports stadium where the France vs. Germany soccer game was being held at the time. French President Francois Hollande and German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier happened to be attending the match at the time of the bombings. The first suicide bomber was reportedly prevented from entering the stadium by a security guard who discovered the explosive vest during a pat-down.  Two more explosions were set off at 9:30 and 9:40 pm.

At the same time additional street shootings and bombings happened at several restaurants and streets. Gunmen entered cafes and restaurants and began shooting short bursts inside killing many and injuring even more. Another suicide bomber entered a cafe where he detonated just after ordering.

Around 9:45, a mass shooting and hostage event took place at the Bataclan, a theater where an American band Eagles of Death Metal was playing. A video shot from a person across the street showed the carnage that took place and how people were attempting to flee. People were hanging from windowsills calling for help and people dragging the wounded off around the block.


Within 24 hours we knew the identities of several attackers and arrests were being made across the European Union. Unfortunately one of the attackers had a Syrian passport which has already caused countries to deny additional refugees into their countries. These acts of terrorism and destruction are what the people of Syria are fleeing from. It isn’t right to immediately throw the entire population into this category however I completely understand the fear and resentment towards this group.

Countries and spiritual leaders have all been condoning these attacks which ISIS has taken credit for. One thing people fail to understand is that ISIS is not the definition of Islam and that Muslim leaders from all over have come forward to say this is not representative of the religion. This is where we have to rise above stereotypes and racism and focus on routing out those that want to harm.

Now there were many other attacks around the world and other events that took the lives of many innocent people and those should also be within our thoughts. The reason why France has taken over the news media outlets is because it is in Europe. These attacks  are reminiscent of 9/11 and happened in a part of the world that resembles our lives within the states. France stood with America after the attacks on 9/11 and it is great to see that most Americans are supporting our allies. That being said terrorism and these attacks that happen within any country should not be tolerated and more needs to be done not only militarily but also through economic and political channels.


To me it is disgusting how this is becoming the norm in our world. Our world should be looking towards the betterment of man kind but instead there are groups that want to cause chaos and destruction.  Then there are people that want to bring up their own political agenda into the mix trying to cause blame on someone else. This is not productive and is just ghoulish, people have passed away in a brutal manner and it is time to morn and seek proper justice.

A friend of mine posted a quote on the day of the attacks and I would like to just say that our world doesn’t need this pain. We are Humans and we must treat each other that way, no one group or person is better than the other.

“Later that night, I held an Atlas in my lap and ran my fingers across the whole world and whispered,
“Where does it hurt?”
It answered,
~Warsan Shire




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