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The Good Dinosaur


So this Thanksgiving a new Pixar movie was released titled “The Good Dinosaur” which follows a Dinosaur on an adventure and shows us that fear is needed for one to have courage. It was a good movie and helped define more of the Pixar Theory. If you don’t know what the Pixar Theory is I suggest you read my post about it. Here is the link.

Back to the topic at hand, this movie is good but not the best thing Pixar has produced however. For that the top three for me in order are still Toy Story, Wall-E, and Finding Nemo with The Incredables following up close behind. This movie starts off with the premise of what would have happened if the asteroid did not strike Earth killing the dinosaurs? Well it is a very interesting thought and one I have not really seen talked about or expressed within the different forms of media. This premise also helps create a start point of the Pixar Theory. This means it could be an alternate timeline because evolution has produced different beings and allowed for dinosaurs to evolve further.

While this movie isn’t the best it also isn’t the worst! That honor still goes to Cars 2. The Good Dinosaur is however one of the more beautifully produced Pixar movies. The landscapes, weather, and interaction with characters is very well done and brings the movie to life. The main character is named Arlo and we follow him on his journey home. Now we have seen this type of journey in a lot of movies including Pixar movies so I would have loved to see a different type of scenario play out. Now I also would have loved to see more of the actual journey that takes place instead of the clip show style that only cuts to certain parts. This clip show doesn’t give us a real grasp of the journey Arlo is faced with.

Now there are a few things I didn’t like about this movie such as how they did the t-rex, raptors and the pterodactyl characters. I thought they were over played and not very enjoyable. Also for a kids movie there was a lot of death. Now you can’t have a dinosaur movie with out death but it was over done and parts weren’t necessary for the advancement of the story. The human boy character is interesting but I didn’t like that he acted like a dog at first till the story explained more. I would have loved to see more a development with him and understand why he was alone.

Overall this movie was only of the few Pixar movies that the target audience was only kids. There were parts that could have been more favorable to adults and parents but we didn’t get much. There were a few moments where I teared up but that is probably because no one likes leaving loved ones. If anything this movie is a welcome addition to the Pixar Theory and I am sure kids will enjoy it and wish they had a dinosaur friend themselves.  I know I would like to have one.



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