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Proof When You Need It

If you have ever gone and YouTube you will have noticed some of the most common car videos are car crashes caught on a dash camera. A decent percentage of these videos are from Russia or Asian countries. The reason why there are so many from these countries is because of insurance scams. I am not sure exactly why or how the insurance system works in these countries but I am sure people that have the cameras feel more comfortable having this protection. Now the question is why has it taken so long to even gain traction in USA?

Personally I have captured three different incidents that have involved my truck since I purchased it along with eight other incidents where I have provided the footage for evidence and countless others of poor driving habits and reckless driving. I personally am a huge fan of these and think every car should have one.  This Christmas I gave out quite a few dash cams in hopes that they help others protect their property and themselves.

First off the main issue is why is it not standard or even optional equipment provided from the manufactures? One would think this is an added safety accessory however privacy advocates still keep pressure on this issue. For instance advocates for the use of dash cameras in vehicles state that in an emergency it provides proof and captures true events from the perspective of the driver. This is very useful say in a hit and run incident where the video can capture the make, model, license plate, and even a glimpse of the person driving. This is even more vital when the person hit is incapacitated or killed, it provides the chance at getting justice.

Now opponents do make note of this as a positive outcome but the side of this argument is that poor drivers don’t want to capture their driving especially if it is the cause of the accident. Many people love to drink and drive or drive recklessly and these drivers don’t want to get caught. Just look at the whole red light camera, people don’t like getting caught or shown they are driving aggressively. People hide their license plates and even bash in these cameras out of spite even though they are at fault. Other arguments include who has ownership of the video, the manufacturer or the owner of the vehicle. This one is a little easier, just consider if you purchase a camera and take pictures, can the camera company claim ownership. The answer to that is no by the way.

There are still other problems with the videos that are coming to notice. If you see a bad driver or involved in an incident, can they publish the video of the incident on youtube or in a video, and do they have to hand it over to police or is it optional. Even police and insurance companies still have issues as far as receiving and processing this kind of video.

There are still a lot of issues to be solved by this but I foresee this becoming a welcomed change. All in all dash cams are becoming a norm in the automotive world and I welcome them. I hope you get a dash camera as well and if you check out Amazon or other retailers you can find some decent cameras for about $50-$150.



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