forceOMG OMG OMG IT IS HERE AND IT IS WONDERFUL! Ok so that is my review, I have seen it a number of times now and going back every-time to see it makes it even better because I catch and notice so many things that I missed during the first or second viewing. Now I want to talk about it and there will be some spoilers so yea!




OK So if you are reading this you dare to find out what I really thought and I still loved it and think it is exactly what the prequels could have been. Now the story does mimic Star Wars: A New Hope but that didn’t bother me at all. Many movies mimic the same premise of their predecessors but this was not a shot for shot remake of it, there was a different path and journey so it is welcomed.

Now first off Rey is a freaking Jedi we know this now and I want to know her backstory. Everyone thinks she is Luke’s daughter or something but I doubt it. While the movie series has followed the Skywalker family, it doesn’t need to continue to follow it anymore and remember this is a large galaxy in which there were once many force sensitive users. Even more compelling is you don’t need to be genetically related to a force user to be one.  Now I absolutely loved how the new main Jedi character is a female and bad ass too. One thing that bothered me was how quick she picked up on the force in the jail scene. After reading some fan fiction I am not as annoyed but I would have loved to see more of a struggle with it and having to turn to Luke for guidance. Alot of the fan fiction cites that since Han tells her the stories are true, she could have heard about being able to make others do ones bidding and go from there after realizing her power when she goes against Kylo Ren. Also scavenging for a living on old Star Destroyers could have helped her with knowing the mechanics and as for flying the Millennium Falcon well she obviously hits stuff and has trouble flying at first. That being said who knows if she learned how to fly other stuff before and just needed to get used to it quickly, also the force would have helped her know when to turn and pull some amazing moves.

Next is Finn, showing us that storm-troopers are human (well can be decent) as well is a nice change. It means not everyone is a evil person within it, others are just there for the job or are taken at birth with out choice. So being able to really put a new face on the troopers since the whole clone army is nice. Also the part where Finn and Poe become best friends in all of three minutes is awesome and a great scene. It is that buddy kind of scene that could have really helped the prequels. Not I didn’t like Finn falling in love for or having feelings for Rey but if you consider he has been a trooper since birth, he hasn’t had some of the same social connections to a mother or anything. So Finn goes into a protection and fight for the tribe kind of mentality pretty quick which is why I cant wait to see his character evolution. Granted as long as it doesn’t end up like the poor love story of Padme and Anakin. we-need-to-talk-about-that-huge-scene-in-star-wars-the-force-awakens

Poe… Damn this movie could have used alot more of him but this is just the introduction of all the new characters so there is only so much. I am just glad he will be in future episodes and I am really looking forward to seeing this top gun really kick some Sith ass. As I mentioned his three minute best friend scene is one of the best and then he is just the kind of guy you want on your side. Seeing him fly that special forces x-wing brought back some memories of playing rouge squadron on the Nintendo Gamecube. I hope he flies a b-wing soon!


Kylo Ren, best villain we have had in a long time. Now there is a lot of debate against this character but I loved how he is portrayed. Now let us start from the beginning, he is Ben Solo (Ben as a nod to Obi Wan Kenobi aka Ben Kenobi) the child of Han and Leia. I am glad the story does show that they got together. So Ben is training with Luke and I am curious what event it is that causes Ben to kill all the other students and turn to the dark side. This is also a better reason for Luke to go into hiding because of shame and disappointment at his own failures.

Anyways so now Kylo has some dark side in him but is still a young untrained man. This lack of training shows when he is in the lightsaber battle with Rey. Rey is used to fighting with that pole-arm so it is not unimaginable for her to be skilled in some movements. Also there aren’t a whole lot of lightsaber fights going on for him to train so for him to be evenly matched by Rey is a good possibility. Also his lack of training as discipline shows in the lightsaber fight as well as when his is upset and smashes everything. This loss of control of emotions is from the lack of training, even Sith harness the hate and fear they feel into power while Kylo just unleashes it uncontrollably. At first I was a little disappointed as seeing his face but then you realize it is just a boy trying to be something more like Anakin. This is exactly how Anakin’s character should have been portrayed in the prequels, more lack of control and despair than that annoying display.Star-Wars-7-Character-Guide-Kylo-Ren

Han Solo was by far one of the best characters in this movie. Harrison Ford really stepped his game up and gave one of his best performances ever. We didn’t see a Han Solo 30 years later who is still the same, we see a Han Solo that has been through hell and has been on a journey for the last 30 years. I also loved that Han and Chewie are along and part of the adventure not just make an appearance and say yea you are the new guys take over. I also loved the comedy and connection between Chewie and Han in this movie, so funny and awesome. Can I just say when Chewie roared at Han Solo’s death and then unleashes hell on the First Order… YEA BRO MOMENT!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser #2

I love R2-D2 and now I also love BB-8. BB-8 is such a nice addition to the cast and gives it that future feel with showing that while there are aliens, robots and AI are still also a strong part of this world. BB-8 really shows some great emotion and the flame thumbs up is awesome. He is what Jar Jar could have been, the comedy and humor while in a strong and defined character. I also love that they didn’t use just CGI but actual props and working models that gave it the whole movie more of a sense of realism.

I loved seeing some new worlds in the movie and I loved that the old cast came back for this one. It helped big time show that this is a continuation from the original trilogy and even hearing Obi-Wan’s voice (Ewan McGregor) during the force flashbacks Rey encountered was awesome.  I can’t wait to see what Luke will say and revel to use. Even not having any lines at the end, Luke has a strong presence and we know he is now a master.

JJ Abrams really did well, I hope George Lucas was happy that his story was placed in good hands for this episode. Don’t worry JJ, the internet will not be calling you Jar Jar Abrams! Now the question leads who will take on the next ones, how will they turn out, and what back stories will come out. There is so much more to talk about but then again this is where you should watch is again and give me your take and prospective on it.




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