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A New Year

So yet another year has passed. Nothing much worth to report, a few accidents, still working hard at the same job and trying to stay active. So the new plan is to make this next year more interesting. This is going to be the year of mental improvement for me and I have some big plans ahead.

First off I planning on improving my knowledge base. YouTube has a good number of channels from colleges and universities such as Stanford, Yale, MIT, Berkley, and a number of others. On these channels they have full college lectures for free. These lectures cover a large number of courses from science, math, computer, and history courses. These are not only level 100 courses but also upwards of 300 level course work. Since these lectures are 1-2 hours I plan on watching atleast 1 every week day.

There are also plenty of other channels that teach other classes and go into great detail especially for the math and science classes. My goal is to improve my knowledge and even possible test out of a few of these courses for actual college credit.

Another goal of mine is that every month I will completely read atleast a classic book if not two. Barnes and Nobles has a lot of the classic stories for $10 or so. This will give me something to do after work and while I already have read some of the stories and know what they are about, I want to reread them. Some of the titles I plan on reading are Dracula, Frankenstin, the complete Sherlock Holmes, Tale of Two Cities, Adventures of Hukleberry Finn, Adventures of Tom Sawyer, the Last of the Mohicans, Red Badge of Courage, Tarzan, Prince and the Pauper, Deerslayer, Beowulf, the Illiad, and the Odyssey. If I can keep it up I will make this a normal routine and continue this for several years.

Ofcourse it can’t be a New Years resolution without a workout resolution. Well for Christmas this year I got a Fitbit Flex from my parents. So far I love it and have been really keeping track of everything. My goal is to keep it up and really hit all the goals it sets for me. So far I need to walk 10,000 steps, be active for 20 minutes, drink 4 bottles of water and eat under 1200 calories. The fact I can and force my self to track this makes it really easy for me to see what I still need to do and make sure I don’t slip up. I also want to bike more and be more active so I also plan on really working out and I have looked at a few basic training type classes. I always responded well to these during AJROTC so I am sure the motivation will help me.

Another few things I want to work on this year are being a bit more social and going out with those I really want to spend time with. I am also looking at buying a house this year and need to find a good place and get things going. I am looking around Rosehill neighborhood.

One last thing I would like to do this year is start up my company. Many people like the idea I have and others have bashed it. The thing is it is something I love to do and know I can do well so I am really going to just go for it and work hard to make it a success. I need to try and come up with the money but if I can save up atleast $6000 I might be able to start up by myself.

On top of all these additional changes I might be taking a trip to Finland in the summer. It will be nice to see everyone and visit family. I am also looking forward to really being able to explore on my own since I can rent a car and really go off wondering. Now the only trick is to try and save enough money! Anyways that’s my plan for 2016. Let us see how well it goes and what happens.


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