Anyone who has ever stepped inside my workshop or home would instantly notice that I have two collections. The first being my Lego minifigure collection and some of the awesome models that go along with them and the second being my movie collection. Now I have talked about my Lego collection quite often but I have not really spoken of my movie collection. Now from time to time I will compose a blog posting about a movie, typically amazing movies that I am dying to own and watch again and again.

If you click this LINK you can explore and check out my collection of about 500 titles. A lot of my collection is more nerdy with shows such as Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, and Stargate but I do have a wide range of movies I genuinely enjoy. Additionally I have quite a few shows of cartoons I grew up watching such as Batman, Pinky and the Brain, Samurai Jack, Teen Titans and others I want to have available for my future children to enjoy. There are also a wild range of classic movies, chick-flicks, mystery and action movies also in list along with many TV shows I enjoy. Now my collection is far from complete and I have gaps in some of the TV shows because either they were borrowed and never returned or I can’t seem to find them. I eventually will replace them but that can wait till I get buy a house. If you see a movie or TV show really don’t see it in my list and think I should own or at least see it please let me know.

I first really started gathering up movies I loved that represented who I was when I was heading off to college. I figured it would be a good icebreaker for meeting some new people in the dorms as well as a comfort. Well that worked wonderfully, I had people hanging out in my room watching great movies quite often. This group changed from time to time but really helped getting to know alot of good people. One rule I had was no borrowing my movies because well they add up in value quickly however I still ended up loosing quite a few movies and tv shows.

When I moved into my own place at school, aka the soccer house, my collection had amassed to 300+ movie and TV show titles. Having a large collection like this was nice because I could easily have people over to hang out and watch from a large library of titles. This was at a time when Netflix and Hulu streaming were just getting off the ground and had limited titles. When I damaged my knee and was forced to stay home, the movies and TV shows brought some comfort because of all the stories that gave me something to enjoy.

For a while I did look in to having my movies only in a digital format however it is very easy to have a hard drive fail and loose it all. Even backing up 200 gigs of movies didn’t guaranty I would always have them because the backup drive could always fail not to mention the time it takes. There is something about owning a digital version of the movie from iTunes and Amazon that makes me uncomfortable. You really can only watch it through their devices or sites and even then you really don’t have ownership of it.

I remember reading an article somewhere where it mentioned the reason why physical DVDs and BluRays’ weren’t disappearing anytime soon is because one actually owns a physical copy of the movie. The article also mentioned that people can share as well as show off their collections while the price remains about the same vs a digital copy. Unfortunately some groups have stopped publishing their movies and shows on a physical format. The Simpsons for example announced a while back that season 17 would be the last one released on DVD and BluRay. That alone made me very annoyed and upset because I own seasons 1-17 and I wont be able to complete the collection of the remaining 10 or even more seasons to come. Hopefully they will over turn this idea down the road but there are other smaller shows that were popular that will not be released on a physical format.

While technology advances and new trends come into play, owning something physically is much more satisfying than owning it on a digital format. Eventually DVDs and BluRays’ will die just like the VHS tapes and film reels but hopefully they will not disappear within my lifetime. If you ever want to sit down and watch a movie just let me know.




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