So… Deadpool! One of my all time favorite comic book characters. I started reading comics that featured him back around 1995 and really became a fan of him in 1997 when he had his own series. He is the epitome of what you really want out of a comic. The merc with a mouth is notorious for breaking the 4th wall in comics. If you don’t know what the fourth wall is, it is the wall between the audience and the story, it is what lets us watch things unfold. Well Deadpool knows he is in a comic and really goes wild within the stories referencing past comics, other characters, pop culture, and even events from comics from different comic universes such as Batman. That with additional violence, constant jokes, sexy moments, and Tacos, who can’t help but love this sexy Canadian.

If you follow my blog you will have seen the post of the leaked test footage of Deadpool. It was this footage and the overall response to it that convinced Fox to green-light the movie. And what a GLORIOUS movie it is. There was opposition to the character because he was in a X-Men movie years before but was hated by fans because they didn’t portray the character correctly and even sewed his mouth shut… How can you sew the merc with a mouth’s shut? I mean really…

Ok well now lets talk about one of my favorite movies of all time. In case you were wondering, because lets face it you love my opinions, my current list stands at (in order): Simpsons Movie, Serenity, Lego Movie, Deadpool, Avengers, Star Wars (All of them… YES ALL), Limitless, and so on… There will be spoilers past this point so ….


SKULL EMOJI POO EMOJI L!!!  This movie was everything fans wanted and more. It instantly redeemed and made us forget about bad Deadpool from Wolverine and reminded us of how awesome Ryan Reynolds can be. Ryan Reynolds was born to be Deadpool… Deadpool even said so in a comic from many years ago. His humor and all of the fourth wall breaks were magical. There is a point where he is telling Dopinder one thing to his nemesis then under his breath telling him everything we are thinking. One of my favorite wall breaks is when Deadpool asks Colossus which Professor X he will be seeing; Stewart or McAvoy as a nod to the two actors who play him and changing timelines. There were also so many nods to past work and easter-eggs within the movie, I believe I read that there are over 100.


The opening sequence is one of the best and most creative I have ever seen. The camera tracks around a fight / car crash and the credits crawl introduces characters as Hot Chick, Evil British Guy, Tool Director, a CGI character and so on. The pacing of the movie also is right on the money. To help tie in the origin story of Deadpool it flashes back and forth during the movie. It is this type of editing that helps keep us engaged and doesn’t force us to wait to the end of the movie to see Deadpool in action.

Another key thing about this movie is that it doesn’t try and go super mega over the top with the world ending. This movie is a love story and you instantly root for Vanessa and Wade (Deadpool) to be together. They give you a reason to want their weird love to keep going and when Francis goes and kidnaps her well that’s all the reason Deadpool goes after him. You really do believe that Vanessa and Wade are in love. It is even more evident near the end of the movie when she still is wearing his jacket even though he left her. Can we also please talk about the face that Morena Baccarin is perfect to play Vanessa! First Inara and now Vanessa… OMG I AM IN LOVE!deadpool-gallery-05.jpg

Ok so all of the fight scenes were awesome and we even met Bob although I doubt he will be featured much since Hydra is part of the MCU and Deadpool isn’t. Bob is a sidekick of Deadpool and we met him and one of the soldiers in black at the end of the movie. Anyways we see Deadpool fighting Francis and bad guys then all of a sudden is fighting the X-Men… It is this switch that shows Deadpool’s morals are pretty fluid. The fight at the end is well done, Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus both have their moments and helps tie Deadpool into that realm.deadpool-SYB_2040_v076.1040_rgb-980x551.jpg

This movie only had a 58 million dollar budget but it didn’t need such a grand budget to make a movie that one can enjoy completely. This movie represented and portrayed the character properly and lovingly. It was even better that it did have an R-rating because that is Deadpool, he doesn’t censor himself (except for maybe in a cartoon episode of Spiderman). Many people complained that the movie was to much and shouldn’t have been to violent but you should understand that this is the character. You don’t expect the Terminator to be baking cakes and reading bed time stories… his name says it all he is there to terminate… Same thing with Deadpool.

All in all I cant wait for the sequel and I really hope the creative team behind it is given the same freedoms as they were with this one. Plus I cant wait for Cable to be in it!!! Great job to the writers, director, and Ryan Reynolds for giving the fans something we would love.


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