Yesterday another terrorist attack took place in Western Europe. Three suicide bombers opened gunfire and detonated bombs killing over 31 people and injuring 271 others. Two of the bombs detonated at the Brussels International Airport and the third bomb exploded at a subway station in Brussels, Belgium. This attack is thought to be in revenge for the arrest and capture of the mastermind behind the attacks on Paris in November of last year.


Above are some of the maps from BBC News that shows where the attacks took place. Many reports state people were running from the first blast into the second. One reporter said she saw children running out of the terminal dazed without their parents. Twitter had images and messages instantly showing support for Brussels and the victims. Images of Tintin, a character from Belgium popular across Europe, in tears showed the internet has had enough of attacks like these. Attacking medium and soft targets such as restaurants, airports, train-stations, and concerts, to strike fear into the people has become more and more common. We can not tolerate attacks like these here or anywhere in the world.
Belgium authorities have already identified the attackers and while it still unsure how they got there Europe has been dealing with a refugee crisis and working hard to protect their citizens. Unfortunately members of ISIL do make it through check points and because of this and attacks like these people are blaming the entire religion of Islam instead of just an organization. ISIL has taken responsibility for this attack among many others such as the attacks in France, Turkey, and on the Ivory Coast.

ISIL has preformed numerous other terrorist attacks in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa however many times they go unreported in the American media outlets. Any time an attack occurs in Europe, United States, or Canada however it is when most of us take notice. For one reason, these countries are considered secured and relatively safe due to the police, intelligence units, and infrastructure in place. Another reason we only take notice during attacks in these areas is because of the media coverage. Very few media outlets broadcast new of other attacks in the world and only really take notice and alert others when it is in an area of significance. The last reason we only focus on attacks such as these is because of ourselves. We associate many of these other regions to be already violent and unimportant while Europe is an area that could be home to many of us.

As members of the human race we all need to stand together no matter where these attacks take place and put an end to tyrannical attacks meant to strike fear into others. We can not become racist towards Muslims and most Muslims condone attacks in the name of Islam. We need to educate ourselves and work as the human race together to stop attacks like these. Many propose more military actions and those would help but also working on supporting other areas of the world and providing assistance will do just as much damage to the organization. All I can do as one person is try and educate others that this is not Islam and that we need use actual intelligence to find people that want to do us harm instead of just casting mass hate.

We Stand With Brussels!



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