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So it has been a few months since I have posted anything interesting or in an attempt to be intellectual. For the most part my second job has taken up a lot of time. I currently work 9-5:30 at one job and about 6pm-12am (sometimes 2am) at my other job. My life has become the real Work, Sleep, Eat routine. On my few days off and spare hours I have spent my time with close friends and working on a few side projects. Since I have not had time to work on all of the many posts and topics going through my head, I figured I would do a quick rant post. Buckle in… we are going all over the place in this one!


Who the hell doesn’t leave a tip for persons who work in a field where tips are customary. The old rule is you tip anyone who touches your body (masseuses, hair stylists, nails…), anyone who touches your food (waiters and food preparers…), anyone that comes to your aid when you are in a bind (24hr. plumbers, tow truck drivers, taxi cab drivers…)?!?!?!?! If I am standing out in the rain changing a tire for 30 minutes and get you back on the road, it would be nice to get a little extra thank you. (ok so normally it takes me 15 to 20 minutes but if there are additional issues and I still over come them then geeze…) I personally make sure I leave a good tip that reflects the service or if I can not tip you at the moment then I will find you and tip you.


Heroes of the Storm is one of my favorite Blizzard games and I love to play as Sgt. Hammer. Time to play this one along with World of Warcraft and the new Overwatch however has been minimal to say the least. They games are amazing and have the ability to provide me with hours of entertainment but I don’t have the time. I do miss playing my Shadow Priest and when the new expansion pack comes out I will play it somewhat. When I am off of work there are other things I want to do before sitting down and playing video games for hours on end. Now if the people I spend time with played it might be a different story but I guess that’s what being social is all about. Overwatch looks like fun but I can’t play it because it is PC only… SUCKS!


So this occurred a few months ago where two firefighters were doing a well-fare check (this is where a family member calls and says they have not heard from grandma in 2 weeks and shes not answering can you check on her kind of thing.) and someone shot at them through the door. One of the firefighters died, another was injured by the gunfire, and I believe another two were injured trying to dodge the gunfire. Ok I can kinda get (don’t agree of-course) the reasoning behind a criminal shooting at cops because they don’t want to be detained or something stupid like that. A firefighter is not a cop, they are not trying to arrest you, they are there to help you and save you. There is no reason why gunfire should be aimed at firefighters or medics. DUMBASS!

My brother and sister-in-law just got a new puppy a few months ago and she is adorable… Of-course Riley (not whitey for some reason) reminds me of our dog, Thor, which we lost recently. When I get a house hopefully by the end of the year, I would like to see about getting a dog. Not just any dog mind you, I want to get a Tamaskan. A tamaskan is a wolf dog from Finland and after taking a few of these which dog is best for you this breed came up quite often in the top. It is fate and I must get one! Here is the Wiki page for the breed.
Finland is one of the great countries in the world and with people that are normally nice and work hard it is disparaging to me as a Finn to see that there is a new racist movement moving through the Nordic countries. The Sons of Odin is a unique and interesting name but I doubt Odin would be doing the same things these people are doing. They claim to be a crime prevention and safety patrol around the areas where refuge camps have settled. There have been claims and stories about refuges stealing and raping locals and I am sure there might be some factual cases of this, the countries can not allow groups like this to form terrorizing those who are attempting to escape terror. Many refuges have said they are scared to go out because of these groups and THAT is the last thing Finland needs. Let the police focus and patrol the areas and have the government ban groups like these that act as a militia.


I have always tried to work on my own vehicle as best as possible instead of having to take it to the shop. Most of the time it is preventative maintenance like oil changes, rotating tires, and so one. Over the last few months with the help of a friend I have been working and striving to preform more technical work on Miranda. Recently we finished installing the majority of work lights and equipment on the truck and it has been a great learning experience. If you do something and don’t learn something new then you are doing something wrong.


I mentioned it in a post long ago how I was trying to reduce my play time on Simpsons Tapped Out and well… FAIL… I still love the game and with all the new additions that have come out since it remains enjoyable. We got Homer in space, Maggie Simpson finally joined the game (her story in it is AWESOME) among many other characters. The game still flows well with stories and I love looking through Springfield as I imagine it. I would like for them to add the ability to save a massive photo of the Springfield and share it or something like that.

The Washington Capitals this year was the team. With some amazing stats, the Caps were at their best to go all the way to the Stanley Cup however yet again we were disappointed. The Caps couldn’t hold it together even after a slight rally against the Penguins. I had a feeling this was going to happen but I am still very disappointed. Of all of the Washington sports teams, the Capitals, Nationals, and DC United are the teams that are being successful. It is this success that makes me wonder why we aren’t getting to the finals. My main reason is because the players on the team are more focused on the World Hockey Playoffs and want to finish state side to they can go play for Russia. It is funny though because if that is the reason then it is a bad one because Russia yet again is knocked out early and Finland and Canada are at the top!


I want to go on a road trip so bad… Like BAD! I am not sure were but somewhere nice and beautiful that I can do in a day or two drive. Ill think about it and see…


My second job I work as an independent contractor. This is of-course different than being salary or hourly, my wage comes from the number of calls I complete. Well I have done it in the past but I have learned alot more now and I want to pass on a few notes to all of you who might become a contractor.

-RECORD ALL MILEAGE! Use the IRS mile chart and see what you need but mileage, odometer reading, time, date, location, and reason are all needed.

-KEEP ALL RECEIPTS! Even if the receipt is for like something else just keep it. Tools are an obvious deduction but so are office supplies, some maintenance on the vehicle, gas and so on.

-SET A SCHEDULE! Give it out every week and stick to it. Having a set schedule and telling your employers this is what you will work is great but also helps you schedule around things and make it so you don’t get hounded to take calls when you are down.

-REVIEW YOUR PAY! Make sure to go through and make sure all your calls are there. It is very easy for one or two calls to be missed and because of that you could loose hundreds a year.

-HOLD FOR TAXES! Start IMMEDIATELY holding money for the taxes. Personally I do the 5/20 split. I do Gas/Taxes/Spending/Savings/Bills and that allows me to make sure I know how much I have to use and what needs to be saved for later.


Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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