AwesomeCon finally arrived last weekend and sure enough I went this year. Now unlike in the past when I have gone for multiple days, I only attended on Sunday but I was not alone. This year I took two friends with me and all three of us dressed up in costume. I believe it was their first ComicCon ever and the fact they dressed up made it even more enjoyable and entertaining.

I went as a Zombie Wash with the spear still inside trying to get to Tahiti or Bust! Now most of my pictures however show me without the zombie makeup on. It was so humid that the makeup was getting in my eyes and tied with the fact I was unable to wear my glasses at the same time. I am really happy I did dress up this year though and I got alot of mixed reactions from my costume. Mostly the reactions were that is was still “too soon” which as a fan myself I get but there were also others that did love it and the Tahiti or Bust sign.

My two friends went as the twins from Tokyo Goul and their costumes were very well thought out and detailed. Not only were the costumes so well made but they were doing some really awesome poses and really showing off their silly side.They were getting asked to be in pictures all the time. I also had several requests for a picture as well. That is one of the nice things about the Con, almost everyone who dresses up wants to be in and is willing to have their picture taken and its also wonderful how many people were polite to ask for one.

The Con itself was great and it was packed inside the convention center. There were many different panels this year however we ended up not really sitting in on any of them. I was hoping to see Bill Nye the Science Guy but he had left by the time we arrived. There was a fair amount of actors and actresses in attendance this year. I was hoping to get a picture with Morena Baccarin but she had to cancel and Summer Glau however her line was very long. There was also a much longer line to see the actors for Dr. Who and from what I read later on the line was still just as long when the event closed but most everyone still waited and were able to get a picture and everything. If you ask me that just shows how devoted the fans are for the guests and in return the guests love of the fans. There were other actors I would have considered getting a photo with but I was on a tight budget as well.

For the most part we just walked around looking at the booths and seeing all of the amazing costumes. I was able to distinguish a good number of the costumes and what they were from but there were a few acceptations mostly from some anime that I have not seen. I was surprised I didn’t see some costumes I know are from popular characters however one of my friends did point out maybe they chose not to be that character because it is so popular. Also we were there for only one of the three days so I am sure there was one or two of them there.

Now the stands were just as interesting, there was a stand from NASA and other space groups there which was interesting and a nice touch for children to view and interact with. There were quite a few different comicbook and merchandise stalls which I checked out when I went off for a bit to explore for myself. I did end up picking up some Lego minifigures for my collection as well as a stuffed mini-Serenity ship because why not?! There were some other great stalls there like the classic Batmobile from the tv show which I was considering in getting a picture of myself in but the costume didnt really allow for it. There was also a blood donation station which I though was awesome however I thought it was a full on 1 litre blood donation but instead just a blood sample donation for testing. Now if it was a full blood drive I think that would be just as awesome because from what the lady was telling me they had 800+ attendees who donated.

I can not wait for next year and look forward to dressing up again because it was an enjoyable and made the experience even more memorable. I am not sure yet who I will dress up as but I have a few ideas… KND #2 maybe or future Link or maybe even… well let me think about it for a while! I am really glad I had great friends join me as well and that wanted to explore and check out alot of the same things as I because who needs drama when you are trying to have a great time. Till next year!


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