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The Joys of Writer’s Block

One thing I have faced recently has been the strong wall of writer’s block. It has been a while since I have posted any new story or poem and it isn’t for the lack of trying. Every time I try and write, I draw a blank or don’t know where to go. Because of this I have deleted whole paragraphs because they didn’t flow or fit with what I wanted to speak about. Currently I have three large posts I have been working on, one of which for almost six months.

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A Nerds Dream Weekend

This weekend is one any Nerd would enjoy, not only did Free Comic Book Day fall on this weekend but the following day was May 4th. For those of you who may not know May 4th is also known as May the Fourth Be with You in reference to Star Wars. There is also Revenge of the Fifth with conveniently and ironically lands on Monday. Also on May 4th, a very special episode of the Simpsons aired where they were all Legos. This weekend was a dream for me because I really let myself go and Geeked out all weekend.

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A month to get organized

So I have not been posting at all in the month of January till now and here are my reasons. It was my time to be a little selfish and focus on a few things to start out this year right. Along with trying to get healthy, I got pretty sick for a week and couldn’t work or really move. Even with being sick I am still going to hit about 200 hours at the office which means it has been super busy.

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A highway filled with lights
Flashes racing to their destination
Getting lost in neighborhoods they don’t belong
Going around in circles
Lights go dark
In a blink flashes are lost forever
Never know who or what
Dreams and memories are lost in the black

Other flashes grow brighter
They have found their home
Never second guessing how
Never second guessing why
Becoming stronger
Sharing the idea to the rest of the light
The foundation is set and more flashes gather
An idea grows to a plan
From plan to a movement
Movement to success

Something is missing
One flash is holding the key
The final step to making it happen
The flash that was dark brightens
Racing home from the darkness
A long journey ahead
Randomly finding its way
Filling the void of thought
Everything makes sense now
My brain is whole

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Well it’s another month and not much to update on. I have been keeping up my dailies in World of Warcraft and close to 5000 dailies completed. I have primarily been working on reputation grinding for a few hard factions to give me something to look forward too. I have been enjoying the ‘looking for raid’ function and have really been doing more current stuff than in the last.

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The weekend is here… So what do I do on my time off? Well I don’t have many friends in the area so I rarely go out to any parties or clubs because I hate going alone and that’s not my scene. I sometimes will go to a bar and have a drink or two but it gets depressing just sitting there alone not really meeting or talking to new people. If I had more friends or had time to go out with my current friends I would normally suggest something fun and different since getting hammered isn’t my favorite thing in the world.

My night last night was actually pretty relaxing except for one part. This is my typical night on weekends which I don’t mind having something different but no one is ever free to go with. First off I got off work at about 6 so I passed out and woke up at 9:30. I took a quick shower and got dressed and went for a walk. I walked down from King St Metro to Cora Kelly and back. I got back about 11:30 or so and hopped on World of Warcraft and worked on a few dailies and achievement (primarily trying to get the ravenlord mount which has still not dropped for me.) At about 2 am I decided to go back out and take a drive. I stopped at my thinking spot by the Potomac River and wrote in my notebook. My note book has topics I am thinking about and want to post to ideas for chapters in my books or things I am just randomly thinking of. Last night it was of a business idea and a few notes on the sequel to my book Freedom 95.

Now this is where my night got interesting. A lot of my Friends know that if I see someone in trouble on the side of the road I’ll stop and help. Well I just took a little drive and I was gonna go beltway to 395 and then home, well that didn’t go according to plan. I was on 495 and randomly decided to go south on 95 and as I did I noticed a black car driving weird. The driver was driving really slow and drifting. I thought he was drunk and began to call state police. Well just as I got state police on the phone I noticed the drivers front tire was blown out and he was driving on his rim. I began to wonder why he was driving like that and how long he had been driving on it. Well I turn on my amber lights and follow this care going now 35 on a 75 mph highway. He kept on swerving and drifting among all of the lanes of traffic. By the time we hit Lorton area about 10 miles down the road another driver, who turned out to be a firefighter, was following as well in another lane trying to help create a cushion. Well I am still on the phone with state police and there are so many accidents that they don’t have any free officers close by. So we finally make it down to Woodbridge and we are still going now at almost 80 mph we zip through the county in just a few minutes this guy is not wanting to stop or pull over. As we reach Manassas area and it goes down to 3 lanes on 95, I look back and see 3 tractor trailers helping slow traffic by taking up all the lanes and keeping a distance behind. As state police is busy I called stafford county to see if they could help and they sent an officer. The drunk driver was now on the shoulder driving so the 18 wheelers and all the slowed traffic passed us as we were going 25 miles an hour. As we pass the Stafford exit he swerves across all 3 lanes of traffic and scraps his left side on a guardrail. Luckily I saw that he was starting to do that and was able to get in front of a few cars heading in the left lane so they had a chance to slow down just as he crossed and hit the rail. I was sure he Was gonna stop after that but now was I wrong. He kept on going and finally a county officer and 3 state police showed up. It took him about a mile to pull over but I am glad he was off the road. I hung a around and submitted a report with a trooper as well as sent him the video I had of the whole ordeal.

That was one hell of a night but after seeing so many drunk driver accidents and knowing how dangerous it could have been I had to follow him, keep others back and report and document it. I didn’t get home till almost 6am after all that but i am ok with it because no one was hurt and after finding out he said he left from National Harbor I am glad his long journey didn’t cost lives. Don’t drink and drive!

Anyways that was my Friday night… Let’s see how Saturdays night turns

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My one and only love

You have been there through thick and thin,
I remember meeting you for the first time and falling in love,
Your dark skin was a beauty and your eyes would shine so bright at night,
You have seen me at my most troubling times,
You have taken a bullet for me,
You have seen me with other women,
You and I have traveled great distances and seen many grand places,
You helped me save others and been there to save me,
You have kept me safe,
You have always cuddled with me and let me sleep comfortably,
You have given me my space but been there when I need to vent,
I have beaten you up,
I have tossed you in mud,
You still have all the marks and scratches,
You still are there for me,
You may whine at times,
You may take my money,
But I will always love you,
I will take care of you,
Make sure you are well and strong,
Let’s make it another 300,000


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Restless Search

The numb arm searching through the sheets…
Trying to find that warmth…
Trying to find that breath…
Panicking as is scours the sheets…
Nothing to grasp…
Nothing to wrap around…
Numbness subsides as reality hits…
The heart knows…
The mind knows…
The dreams do not…
Retracting the arm back to its spot…
Knowing it can not bring one to the heart•

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We are on Mars again. At 05:14:39 UTC on August 6th 2012 the Mars rover Curiosity landed on Mars. This is a great achievement for NASA as this is a completely different size, type, and landing than all rovers before it. Thanks to NASA TV  I got to watch it live which was truly exciting. Just like the Moon landing by Apollo 11, being able to watch it live is a real thrill and with the difficulty of this landing it made it even more terrifying.

I spent over 2 hours watching NASA TV just so I could watch the landing and hear what was happening in the control room at JPL. If you did not watch it you missed a great moment because these are the journeys that lead us to exploring Mars by humans. This marks a real technological event in my lifetime and once you read more about the rover and see how everything happened will really prove how great this is. We are insuring that we are exploring our Solar System and hopefully by 2030 we can finally reach another planet.

The Curiosity rover is a marvel to look at and it is the first real science laboratory we have sent. It is over three meters long and about six feet tall. Compared to the other rovers this is much bigger and its mission requires it. It is a mobile chemistry lab and will be able to test the soil and really help us understand the landscape and find out what is really there. It is based at Gale Crater which is a deep crater that also has a large mountain known as Aeolis Mons which Curiosity will eventually climb.

Well the hard part is done and what is known as the seven minutes of terror is done and over with. Unlike other landings were a pod just lands on the surface this was much more difficult and new technology had to be developed. Having to use a supersonic parachute, a rocket pod, and a sky crane all to make it to the surface. This in it self is a great feat and to have come up wit hall the since and math to place it in the smallest landing zone ever is really inspiring. The whole country deserves this and the cost of this is estimated at about $7 per American which I am more than happy to pay for this excitement. Space puts us to work and so many people were involved in creating and handling the missions.

We were able to see the first images tonight of the surface which let us know that Curiosity made it safely. These images may not seem like a lot to some of you but to me these are humbling because this is a new image of a place we have yet to see and being able to know its from another planet is a testament to our reach to wanting to know more. I truly believe that our meaning of life and existence as humans is to explore. Curiosity is human nature and is the perfect naming. I hope you enjoy the first few images and be able to appreciate the meanings behind this. Also below are screen shots from watching the live feed along with a video so you can see and hear the excitement of the landing. I will say I was bummed when I did not see a martian welcoming committee in the first images. You can also see pictures from NASA here.


I can’t wait to live on Mars.

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Classic gaming

Several months ago I had installed windows on my iMac so I could play Star Wars Old Republic. Well I got tired TOR and I had thought about a few games I loved growing up. A few windows games I missed were roller coaster tycoon, age of empires and sim city. Now yes they do have Mac versions but since I had windows I figured I would use it. Well it just do happened I remembered Steam was having a summer sale so I decided to see what they had since I had never used steam before (yes I knew of it and all just never checked it out in full) and boy was I happy. I picked up Age of Empires 3, Rollercoster Tycoon 2 & 3, Simcity 4, and Skyrim all for real cheap. Of course it took a while to download them all but it was worth it. It’s always nice to go back to some childhood memories… Just pulled an all nighter playing them all. Now to just plug in the N64 and I’ll be set.

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Why Do I Blog???

So I have been asked before why do I blog (web log) and for the most part I haven’t given it much more of an answer other than well if you read it you would know. Well again tonight a new friend of mine began her blogging adventure. Jill’s blog is a fresh start for her and she doesn’t know what it’s true direction will be other than a place to write and keep a personal record of her thoughts. Now this is very similar to a diary or journal however since it is te internet more people will be able to view and comment on her personal ideals and beliefs depending on what she posts.

This is the true nature of blogging, not to be a troll or write something popular but instead to write about personal accounts and have a follow up discussion or opinion to follow. Many blogging sites have gone to main stream such as tumblr where i pretty much don’t care what anyone’s posts on there due to its nature of being to be popular and all about the followers. Yes followers are necessary in many regards but then it forces your posts from being true to more about what gets the followers attention.

Personally I like it when people read my posts and comment on what they read. I try however to aim at topics I find interesting or that I would like to leave my two cents. My goal is however to leave my mark on the net by leaving my opinions and likes and finds behind for future generations. The Internet is the ultimate time capsule and by leaving a record of what I find interesting or stories about my experiences, others can get my first hand approach to events.

I will continue to utilize my blog as both a journal to allow my opinions to be free and honest, and a place where people from all walks of life can understand the weird mind which I call my own and how it works. If anyone starts a blog for work or for a cause then good for you but I think the true nature of the blog is to be a personal account of your life from your eyes and ears.

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So here is the grand question in entertainment, why do great shows get canceled and crap shows stick around?
Well here is what I see from all of this, people love drama! Crap reality shows such as “jersey shore” and “16 and pregnant” reminds the viewers of how good their lives are and they can enjoy in the drama and fighting. Human nature is raw and selfish and these shows are actually very basic but because of the stories they provide a sense of betterment for the viewer. This means that the viewer wants to actually sit down and tune into the show for the next story.

Some great shows such as firefly, trauma, Jericho, terra nova, and many more have faded quickly due to rating. A show should be left on the air not just from rating but to give it a chance to evolve and let the story come to light. With there being thousands of channels the population has a harder time to stick with one channel. Also with the world becoming more 24/7 the time people have to watch changes and normal hours of broadcasts need to be revised. Many people also watch shows online and don’t find out about a show for many weeks or even not unroll the first season has been released.

So here is my solution, a network needs to be more careful about what shows they green light and not to flood the market with the same types of shows aka cop shows or different versions or csi or ER. Next they need to allow the show to be on the air for three seasons atleast. This gives the audience time to get into the show and will pay off in the long run with multiple purchases. People don’t like to buy just one season of something because they will get hooked or enjoy it a lot but have it come to a sudden end. Finally a net work needs to get with the times and have the first broadcast of the episode on the channel but then have it released online in a manner that is free and protected from piracy. People pirate shows because they can’t watch them when they want and have no way to view it from their computer or device.

This is the age we live in and with many good shows (and plenty of bad ones too) the networks need to become a little more strict and also be willing to take a chance on a show like terra nova or firefly!

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Good Monday Morning

Good morning everyone. I found this the other day and it pretty much is what we all go through when we have had a long and drunken weekend and then required to go to work at 8 am. I thought id share it with you to give your week a nice little boost and laugh because it is just going to suck otherwise.


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Guy friend…

Another night wide awake thinking about things. Just alot going on that I need to figure out from school, to work, to finding a place to live, to finding friends, to finding the one…. Alot goes thru my head every second it’s crazy but it is what it is. I would like more guy friends at least friend I can chill with regularly or hit up when I’m bored or need a wing man. I have always been a loner but having a guy friend would be great right now.

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End of Season

What a quick way to end my season. Today was my first day feeling 100% after my groin injury. I was doing the run at a good pace, kicking the ball well, and just overall great mood. An old team mate, Nic, came by the field and it was great to see him and kick the ball around again. How ever soon trouble would occur.

We began a scrimmage and the ball wasn’t in play for more than a minute when it was passed to Clif. I went a head to pull the ball away from him and wooppps …. Apparently I planted my right foot, my knee hit his leg and I spun…. Let’s just say I started to say every curse word I know… For a good 5 (felt like much longer) minutes I’m laying in pain screaming and look down at my right knee and it’s deformed and painful.

Well i pretty much was crying and cursing till at the hospital when I was drugged.I’ll say this for modern medicine… Their drugs work wonders I was laughing and joking in minutes. Right back to the story, so the doctor said my patella dislocated laterally, after x rays there are signs of possible cracks and she wasn’t happy by the way my ACL was looking or feeling. Just to say I have ,ore appointments ahead of me.

The one thing I’m more pissed at my self about is that today I was ready, ready to prove I can play since I have been benched so far and that I have not even been able to play a game. Hell I just got my uniform last game and now this… This is not fair and well Im just ashamed and embrasesd that I couldn’t play up to the caliber of the rest of the guys.

Well another injury for Finlandia’s Men Soccer and just a few more and we will have a full squad of injured. Special Olympics here we come!!!