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Proof When You Need It

If you have ever gone and YouTube you will have noticed some of the most common car videos are car crashes caught on a dash camera. A decent percentage of these videos are from Russia or Asian countries. The reason why there are so many from these countries is because of insurance scams. I am not sure exactly why or how the insurance system works in these countries but I am sure people that have the cameras feel more comfortable having this protection. Now the question is why has it taken so long to even gain traction in USA?

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Home of the King

Last weekend a wonderful opportunity presented itself, a chance to see the home of the King, Graceland. My best friend Naeroby wanted to take a trip to see her sister who lives in Texas. They decided on the halfway point of Memphis, Tennessee.

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Goodbye Doris


Today is an end of an era in my life. My truck Doris broke down last month and required over a $4,500 repair, something which I can not afford. Well today was a stressful day and I finally sold her to for $750. I was scared I was going to get scammed and spent all day worrying and trying to protect myself. I went to the DMV and spoke to someone, talked to a neighbor, and even talked to coworkers hoping I was not being stupid or dumb. I was concerned that I was falling victim to a scam and tried to be smart thinking of everything I needed to worry about. Well lucky it seems to have gone well, they picked it up the same day and I have a check in the bank (the bank says its good but i cant wait for it to fully clear in the morning). Just incase I have pictures and so much information that I will be able to hopefully make things right if I was used again. I will say I was actually upset to see her go.

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The weekend is here… So what do I do on my time off? Well I don’t have many friends in the area so I rarely go out to any parties or clubs because I hate going alone and that’s not my scene. I sometimes will go to a bar and have a drink or two but it gets depressing just sitting there alone not really meeting or talking to new people. If I had more friends or had time to go out with my current friends I would normally suggest something fun and different since getting hammered isn’t my favorite thing in the world.

My night last night was actually pretty relaxing except for one part. This is my typical night on weekends which I don’t mind having something different but no one is ever free to go with. First off I got off work at about 6 so I passed out and woke up at 9:30. I took a quick shower and got dressed and went for a walk. I walked down from King St Metro to Cora Kelly and back. I got back about 11:30 or so and hopped on World of Warcraft and worked on a few dailies and achievement (primarily trying to get the ravenlord mount which has still not dropped for me.) At about 2 am I decided to go back out and take a drive. I stopped at my thinking spot by the Potomac River and wrote in my notebook. My note book has topics I am thinking about and want to post to ideas for chapters in my books or things I am just randomly thinking of. Last night it was of a business idea and a few notes on the sequel to my book Freedom 95.

Now this is where my night got interesting. A lot of my Friends know that if I see someone in trouble on the side of the road I’ll stop and help. Well I just took a little drive and I was gonna go beltway to 395 and then home, well that didn’t go according to plan. I was on 495 and randomly decided to go south on 95 and as I did I noticed a black car driving weird. The driver was driving really slow and drifting. I thought he was drunk and began to call state police. Well just as I got state police on the phone I noticed the drivers front tire was blown out and he was driving on his rim. I began to wonder why he was driving like that and how long he had been driving on it. Well I turn on my amber lights and follow this care going now 35 on a 75 mph highway. He kept on swerving and drifting among all of the lanes of traffic. By the time we hit Lorton area about 10 miles down the road another driver, who turned out to be a firefighter, was following as well in another lane trying to help create a cushion. Well I am still on the phone with state police and there are so many accidents that they don’t have any free officers close by. So we finally make it down to Woodbridge and we are still going now at almost 80 mph we zip through the county in just a few minutes this guy is not wanting to stop or pull over. As we reach Manassas area and it goes down to 3 lanes on 95, I look back and see 3 tractor trailers helping slow traffic by taking up all the lanes and keeping a distance behind. As state police is busy I called stafford county to see if they could help and they sent an officer. The drunk driver was now on the shoulder driving so the 18 wheelers and all the slowed traffic passed us as we were going 25 miles an hour. As we pass the Stafford exit he swerves across all 3 lanes of traffic and scraps his left side on a guardrail. Luckily I saw that he was starting to do that and was able to get in front of a few cars heading in the left lane so they had a chance to slow down just as he crossed and hit the rail. I was sure he Was gonna stop after that but now was I wrong. He kept on going and finally a county officer and 3 state police showed up. It took him about a mile to pull over but I am glad he was off the road. I hung a around and submitted a report with a trooper as well as sent him the video I had of the whole ordeal.

That was one hell of a night but after seeing so many drunk driver accidents and knowing how dangerous it could have been I had to follow him, keep others back and report and document it. I didn’t get home till almost 6am after all that but i am ok with it because no one was hurt and after finding out he said he left from National Harbor I am glad his long journey didn’t cost lives. Don’t drink and drive!

Anyways that was my Friday night… Let’s see how Saturdays night turns

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My one and only love

You have been there through thick and thin,
I remember meeting you for the first time and falling in love,
Your dark skin was a beauty and your eyes would shine so bright at night,
You have seen me at my most troubling times,
You have taken a bullet for me,
You have seen me with other women,
You and I have traveled great distances and seen many grand places,
You helped me save others and been there to save me,
You have kept me safe,
You have always cuddled with me and let me sleep comfortably,
You have given me my space but been there when I need to vent,
I have beaten you up,
I have tossed you in mud,
You still have all the marks and scratches,
You still are there for me,
You may whine at times,
You may take my money,
But I will always love you,
I will take care of you,
Make sure you are well and strong,
Let’s make it another 300,000


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So everyone has been talking about the apocalypse, either zombie, nuclear, or natural disaster, it is something on peoples minds. Now personally I think an apocalypse will be interesting, not because of all the death and hardships to ensue, instead I think it will be a good form of Darwinism that creates a clean slate for the human race and get rid of some of the people who give the human race a bad name. Now this will also give us a chance to reboot society and change how we live, work, trade and over all take us back to what is necessary for living. Ofcourse technology is the way that we progress and personally I would much rather see us using technology for space travel and exploration. Just in case however I have come up with a few plans, a few because the first one may never work out and you always need to keep going.

Anyways I have come up with a plan and I will share it with you (since its pretty much just a few friends that read this anyways lol.) Now from the first moments of what ever the cause is for us to feel the need to up and leave, I will gather what ever canned food is in the area and all the water I can load up. Now I will gather family and my few friends and their families because traveling in groups will be the best chance for survival. We will take pick up trucks only because we can load as much water food gas and other supplies as possible. Next we will head west, mainly towards the Appalachian Mountains with our rally point being Lewisburg, WV which is right at I-64. There we will wait a few days for us to gather up, rest and plan our next moves depending on whats going on. This will also be a good restocking point.

My next major move is from our rally point is to start heading northwest with our destination being Hancock, Mi. I know I hated Hancock and going to school there but I have looked at the area and what is around and this is probably the best place I can think of. For one I already have explored the area and know how to get there by heart via multiple roads. Since I already know how to get there I know that for each truck taking this route will need atleast 65 gallons for total fuel. Knowing this I can gather up plenty of gas cans and other tools to get us there.

Now the main reasons for heading to this location seem so simple that it is a must.

1) Water- it is surrounded by the great lakes which are fresh water. Now these water sources are ofcourse polluted but since once can make easy filters using a mixture of sand, clay, and charcoal then boiling. Also having these grand areas of water provide us with both fish and more important defense.

2) Defense- If you look at a map, Hancock is on the Keewenaw Peninsula. This means it is surrounded by water but even better is that it is also cut by a canal. This means it is completely surrounded by water. To make it even better there is only one bridge to cross is which is Portage Lake Bridge. And it gets better because this bridge is a lift bridge keeping people out. All one needs to do is lift the bridge and build either a wood wall along the coast of the canal or atleast defendable positions. Also the locals have plenty of weapons so finding a group to help defend wont be to hard. It is also covered in mountains which gives the high ground advantage

3) Food- Now there are quite a bit of deer in the area and also local farms but relying on those will be illogical since there is a long wither season. Food will be tough but will fishing, cattle, and raiding other bigger cities close by one can stock up and get things going to a large number. Another issue will be gaining access to salt. If you dont realize the importance of salt then you have a problem. Now the idea is that the local food stores and rationing will help but long term new sources will have to be given consideration.

4) Fuel- On one of my drives I found a interesting little fuel farm about 15 miles away from Hancock. I know the locals know about this but this also give a good source of fuel to allow for convoys to go out and get supplies and materials. Ofcourse it will need to be rationed but it is a good start for atleast 6-8 months depending on how its being used.

5) Medicine- There is Portage Hospital right there in Hancock with atleast 200 beds plus a good stock pile of medication it should be a good area to stay a top zombie fighting strength and not having to worry about the flu. There are also plenty of local medical centers and pharmacies to restock.

6) Hostilities- The local population is pretty friendly and I think that they wouldnt turn people away from those who need help. Also the population is the whole upper peninsula is really small so the numbers will not be an issue for resources running out quickly. Plus I doubt many people from the big cities will even consider the UP as a solution and a safe haven.

7) Natural Resources- Not only does the area have fresh water, but it has dense forests which provides one of the basic building materials, wood. From being used to make walls, shelters, tools, boats and fuel for fire, it provides a local clean air and oxygen area which will be needed. This area is also very windy which will be ideal for windy power to keep certain things going.

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So those are the main reasons why Hancock is my go to spot and you all are welcome to come find me there. However if things point to Hancock does not my next location is Lonergan, Nebraska. If thats a no go then I will head west or try and get over to Finland, but we will see. Feel free to leave comments or your thoughts.

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Diamond Jubilee

It is the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen Elisabeth the second. It is a great time for the monarchy the United Kingdom and really shows the good and the powerful relationship that having a monarch can provide. Think about it, having a leader for 60 long years that is a wealth of experience and knowledge of how to handle the good times and the bad and how to lead a country and make it’s people show patriotism for their country and queen. In America we have presidents normally four years, eight years if you are lucky but after that time the experience is gone the knowledge is gone and the resolve is gone. As Americans we say that being able to rebuild and remake ourselves is a good thing in some aspects yes however just running for office for political gain making no real strives in betterment for life. Making new and historic changes is a major drawback.


If we look back in my opinion the last few great presidents are Eisenhower and Kennedy. Since then none have accomplished any real major change for the people. Eisenhower brought jobs and labor, creating the interstate system and uniting us and Kennedy brought us together not looking at the color of our skin but as one whole human race. These were the last to great leaders since then complains and terms of office have only lead the issues of taxes, jobs, and money; three things that have never really changed or made a difference in this country. Things always get more expensive and those with the money will always have some sort of power however having the monarch really changes things it is one person in power and in correlation of the prime minister of other countries and Commonwealth things get done in name of the Queen. The ability to be a solid figure and to be so popular through some of the darkest times is a real testament to her power and ability to connect one-on-one with others giving everybody their own personal sense and opinion of the Queen. Americans look at the republic and say it’s great to be an American, we are so blessed, and we are so lucky, it is true with many Third World countries in the world. With many other countries being in turmoil and poverty having and experienced and loved leader can change the realm.


With people knowing the queen is going to rule and she is done an amazing job she’s been able to bring peace and to heal broken wounds. One of her recent trips was dialing where she attempted to bring some peace since the uprisings and rebellion with Australia Canada and many others going for the republic.Tthey still hold the queen and crown in such high regards maybe not as soul head of state but in recognition that without England without the past kings and queens things would be very different. In my opinion the monarchy is a good thing it has been a source of stability leadership knowledge and strength over the many vast wars and trials and tribulations that it’s over 2 billion people have seen. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate democracy I love that the voice of the people can be heard in the certain situations however many will also argue that the monarchy has been able to look after its people and be able to be for the good unlike an angry and brutal dictatorship in which millions of people are killed but rather a mother looking after her children saying know what it needs to be said, no spoiling, and being able to hold them when they are hurt. This is the grace of the queen and it’s one of the many reasons why we hold the monarchy in such high regard just like any other family they have their problems they have their distinguishing features and events one of which is the death of Princess Diana. Personally now that I am of a mature age I can love look back and analyze what was happening with the queen was not just some president whom must make a speech when somebody famous dies but rather it’s a mother a grandmother looking after her grandchildren when the death of their mother happens and in that it changes everything is gone from being some celebrity who will burn for short time and have some tragic event and never be heard from again. The royal family will always be there, house of Windsor always be known in its most basic form as a family and as a mother taking care of her kids.

Many Americans understand or look at the monarchy in such high regard but I’ll truly come to appreciate the many differences and the many powers and jobs that the Queen holds from being the leader of the church and meeting with the pope to being the commander in times of war and to being the woman who is the Christmas Day greetings and to being the one whom chivalry and knighthood still hold a place of honor. In conclusion with people wanting the republic and the world headed in the path right now all I have a say in what happens in the world the royal family will be there. God bless the Queen under 60 years of reign and many more to come because they have been some of the bravest and most true forms of the British Empire and its people.

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So it has been an amazing 275,000 miles with Doris. I have seen a lot and visited many places with her. She means a lot to me and its hard to even consider getting a new truck but I kinda have to. I don’t know when but soon I will have to get one but it won’t be the same. Many of my friends have been on a road trip with her or relied on her when they needed help. Still I am going to try and reach 300,000 with her and hopefully many more! Below is a map of everyplace I have been with her.

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Hole in the wall

So my best friend Naeroby is a chef and we were able to get the hook up at a few places along with some recommendations from some of her co-workers which was grand. First we ate at her friends restaurant in Tribeca called Locanda Verde. The food was excellent and was matched with this great wine i wish i knew the name but anyways i had a great pork cop, some meatball sliders which were to die for, and we finished off with some deserts. My favorite was this maple custard thing… it was like maple syrup and custard in one and they had this chocolate and hazelnut brownie thing which was great to.

next we ate at this little hole in the wall shop that makes fresh pork and vegetable dumplings right in front of you. this place is a must go not just cuz of how great they were but also the price… 5 dumplings for a buck… YEP $1.00 … omg so good we got so many of those. that place is in chinatown at 106 Mosco Street. YUM I WANT MORE lol

Lets see we also hit up Grand Pho in China town which was good not great. Also Naeroby and her boyfriend went into Queens somewhere and apparently got some great cuban food but i was to busy at O’Lunney’s Bar near times square. They has some good burgers and of course i went there on the night of St. Patricks day so it was busy and some bagpipers came in and started doing there thing next to Iliana and Micaela and I. O speaking of burgers we went to this place called the burger joint which was another hole in the wall. Inside the Parker Meridian hotel is this little red cape near the check in desks and thats the restaurant. Personally the burgers where ok and the fries were shitty but it was a cool little joint that obviously makes some real money.

O and finally we went to Hoy Wong’s in chinatown for some peking duck and steamed buns. I know all chinese food but thats what we like and we only had 3 days and much more to see. anyways this place was good and I enjoyed it being a nice close to our vacation.

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Empire State Building and Ground Zero

So on our trip to NYC we just had to stop and see ground zero. When i was in 8th grade i had the chance to go into the north tower and see a lot. I also was in 9th grade when 9/11 attacks occurred so I was happy to have been able to see the view. We had to get tickets to go see the memorials which was a pain but worth it in the end. Two giant pools of water drain down into the depths and really was a show of the area and how deep the towers stood.

We also decided to go see the Empire State Building at night for a view of the night and it was perfect. The green glow from the lights for St. Patricks Day and the brilliant lights from below it was perfect. O not to mention no lines like what we would have had to go through at the Statue of Liberty. Anyways it was an amazing view, from both the 102 floor and the 86th floor. This is a must stop for everyone just recommend getting ur tickets on line or using ur iPhone to buy them enroute and do the same for Ground Zero!

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USS Intrepid (CV-11) USS Growler (SSG-577)

On Sunday we visited the USS Intrepid, a WWII aircraft carrier, and the USS Growler, one of two class submarines during the Cold War area. These were exciting to see everything from the flight deck and hangers to being in a sub and looking at life on board. we had a lot of fun viewing and walking on deck. Some of the exhibits were of aircraft that served on board, how they recovered mercury space capsules, and just operations on board. We also got a little treat of a high school choir visiting from Rhodes Island and they sung a few songs one of which is posted here. Enjoy!

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NYC Trip

So I had an amazing time with Naeroby in New York City it was great and we saw a lot of little places. We went to be tourist and visited some of the hotspots, foodie places, and bars since it was after all St. Patricks Day. We also came across an occupy wall street rally which was interesting to see. Also we stopped and saw the Ghostbusters Fire house at 14 N Moore St. On Saturday we also went to see the 5th Ave Apple Store which just so happened to be iPad 3 launch day so yet another awesome thing. Otherwise here are general pics. I will post specific locations in other posts.

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So today is my 25th birthday and here is a look back at the last 25 years and memories…

-1- baptized in Finland, started to walk at 7 months, I have a vague/not sure if it is real memory of my grandfather holding me as a large white cottage is delivered to our back yard
-2- first cross country skis…
-3- Harri was born and I wouldn’t even look at him lol
-5- started to play soccer, cracked my head open hence my bald spot
-6- learned to swim, took first trip to Florida with grandparents to the Everglades (grandmother freaked out at the python.)
-9- first kiss with Tita god she was beautiful but she moved a few years later
-10- broke my leg arm falling out of a tree at blue park
-13- I won 1st place at regionals for the science fair for a math experiment i did, could have gone to nations but ended up not going
-16- started my first job at Safeway as a courtesy clerk (bagger)
-18- worked at best buy, senior in high school, promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in Jrotc, first girlfriend Natalie, lost virginity, got my Truck (Doris still have with 278,000 miles)
-19- tired to enlist in the Army got shot down at MEPS for medical … To much acne, got a job as a corporate auditor for Safeway (god I got a great job but didn’t take is seriously wish I did.)
-20- worked at Vector Marketing for a few weeks selling Cutco knives (didn’t make any money but good knives.) got a job working at Auto Rescue doing emergency roadside service and accident response which I loved that job and stayed there for a while.
-21- got a job at Apple
-22- felony, gained and lost the best thing ever in my life I love you Sam always, decided to go to college, attended Finlandia University (yep FU) joined the soccer team
-23- rented a awesome house just a block from school
-24- hurt my leg
-25- Back in Dc working at a research firm for military lawsuits

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So summer is right around the corner and i have been trying to get my plans in order. I will be staying in the UP at the house during the summer and working once i can find a local job to help pay for some extra bills and things since times are tough for the whole family. It will be nice to see the UP in ins beautiful glory during this tie instead of all of the nasty snow. Doris however is broken right now so i have to see about taking care of that issue soon as possible. I have talked to Dawn and would love to see some of the sights and have her show me whats around this area. I would love to go camping tho… I havent gone in years and cant wait to go and sleep out doors for a few days just gotta find people to come with haha.  otherwise i will just be getting stuff ready for Danielle to move in to the house for next year and see what the plan is for someone else. If anything i am ready for this school year to be over but cant wait for next year either. So far I have all A’s and plan on keeping it that way since i have all the time to myself to get things ready and mentally prepare. There is someone else i would love to see during the summer…. just have to talk to her and see what shes doing… if i could ever get a hold of her!

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So today while in the line for Taco Bell, Shaela pointed out that i had reached 255,000 miles on Doris… A great achievement in my book! We have visited 20 states together and have enjoyed all of the random pick up road trips we would take. She has broken down a few times but nothing that cant be fixed. If anything I love my truck and will never let her go. People have told me it isn’t smart to keep her if anything i should trade her in while I still can. But would you trade in your wife or pet? For the most part NO! I will keep Doris for ever… work on her, rebuild and clean her and show her off. My Sport Trac is a beast and has come thru many many times for me and for many others out there. I got her with only a few thousand miles on her. I came up with the name Doris the minute I got her. I chose it cuz she is a butch of a truck, loves to have the girls inside her and loves to ram little hondas in the tail pipe! I plan and WILL add another 100,000 before anything drastic happens. If you complain or question my ideas… dont call me when u get stuck or need my help because my ultimate tool is my DORIS…