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So today is my 25th birthday and here is a look back at the last 25 years and memories…

-1- baptized in Finland, started to walk at 7 months, I have a vague/not sure if it is real memory of my grandfather holding me as a large white cottage is delivered to our back yard
-2- first cross country skis…
-3- Harri was born and I wouldn’t even look at him lol
-5- started to play soccer, cracked my head open hence my bald spot
-6- learned to swim, took first trip to Florida with grandparents to the Everglades (grandmother freaked out at the python.)
-9- first kiss with Tita god she was beautiful but she moved a few years later
-10- broke my leg arm falling out of a tree at blue park
-13- I won 1st place at regionals for the science fair for a math experiment i did, could have gone to nations but ended up not going
-16- started my first job at Safeway as a courtesy clerk (bagger)
-18- worked at best buy, senior in high school, promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in Jrotc, first girlfriend Natalie, lost virginity, got my Truck (Doris still have with 278,000 miles)
-19- tired to enlist in the Army got shot down at MEPS for medical … To much acne, got a job as a corporate auditor for Safeway (god I got a great job but didn’t take is seriously wish I did.)
-20- worked at Vector Marketing for a few weeks selling Cutco knives (didn’t make any money but good knives.) got a job working at Auto Rescue doing emergency roadside service and accident response which I loved that job and stayed there for a while.
-21- got a job at Apple
-22- felony, gained and lost the best thing ever in my life I love you Sam always, decided to go to college, attended Finlandia University (yep FU) joined the soccer team
-23- rented a awesome house just a block from school
-24- hurt my leg
-25- Back in Dc working at a research firm for military lawsuits

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Alcoholism is the cyclic presence of tolerance, withdrawal, and excessive alcohol use; the drinker’s inability to control such compulsive drinking, despite awareness of its harm to his or her health, indicates that the person might be an alcoholic. Also normally noticed after several days of binge drinking (5 or more drinks at a time)…

I give the definition of an alcoholic because certain persons including my soccer coach. Since he accuses me of being a drunk due to lies and rumors from certain teammates that want to see me gone they have kicked me off the soccer team. I am honestly pissed and disgusted that for one I didnt even get to explain my side of it let alone even really speak face to face; I just got a shitty phone call.

My side of the story: They claim I was drunk the night before practice and that is why I did not show. -The truth is I was at home went to b e early and then took several team mates to get physicals including myself. Then the second practice of the day I was having a reoccurrence of a very disturbing flashback…

It blows my mind that a soccer coach would listen to one person who has no proof and would take his side. It makes me curse their name and want to really not want to play soccer. O and to top it off the dumbass teammate is the biggest pot head ever and has been seen high since practices started.

Some people need to mind their own business and others need to learn to get the whole story and that proof is out there if one asks others.

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Hell Week

So it is coming down to Hell Week here at Finlandia… School is almost done and I have work up the butt. For me I have to do: 1 essay for Film as Art class, on the movie the Visitor (great movie must see) the messages behind every detail; 1 presentation in Regional Geography, on the migration and changes in dialect of the Finnish Language; 1 final 9 page paper for Regional Geography, she wont give us details till NEXT WEEK! WTF!; 1 paper for Intro to the Bible, which has to be a minimum of 2 pages on how the class changed or influences our faith, understanding or morals (shouldn’t be to hard to BS); and finally a comprehensive  final test for Earth Science, that is gonna be easy since so far i have gotten nothing lower than a 96 on but still i will study and help Brooke and Danielle with it.


I know many other have it worse off than I do. Some have many art projects that alone each needs almost 50 man hours to do and others have many tests to handle and remember things for. If anything tho I feel confident I will finish strong this year. So far I have an A in Earth Science, and A in Film as Art, and A in intro to the Bible, and a b- in Regional Geography. I really want to finish strong so that next year I can play soccer again and be out on the field. Just this past Friday I played an outdoor soccer pick-up game and I know i need to get back in to shape for running but I felt great playing for 2 hours and really its one of my passions that I am going to work hard towards.


A piece of advise to everyone that is struggling and/or not feeling confident- Do what ever you can and dont give up hope because there are many people out there that want to see you fail so listen to your self and don’t let your self down! Its all about how well you finish!

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98… hell yea

So I am really working hard in classes this year. We just had a 100 point test in Earth Science the other day and got my score back…. 98 HELL YEA…. I havent missed a single class. Film as Art class is even more interesting and I really enjoy critiquing hollywood movies that are some of the greats.


Now there is one exception… Regional Geography is the worst class ever. all she does is repeat her self and then doesnt really give clear instructions or anything. Then for this class we need 8 different textbooks and out of each only read 2 chapters if that…. this lady pisses me off.


Otherwise I am doing great and happy about my standing in class. I can not wait for Friday to show up so I can play some indoor soccer… really looking forward to it and then we will see what happens this weekend.



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A good day

So the film as art class we watched the Graduate and it was a great movie. I really need to buy it sometime. Anyways today gets better when I fixed my Gamecube and now i can play Legend of Zelda OoT!!! Also made a few new friends… so Tomorrow can be hell for all I care, I needed a good day for once this year!

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Been a while

So it has been a while so here are the highlights…

-Was talking to this girl

-Lost lot of friends

-Made a few new friends

-Got suspended from school (that was a computer error so I am back in)

-Live in a house now at school

-Doris is still rocking like a champ

-Back in school (2 classes M,W,F and 3 classes T,TH)

-Now at 6500 Achievement Points (and rising)

-Been going to church every Sunday now.

So anyways I just cooked an amazing meal of home made spaghetti and meatballs with a baked apple pie. I had Brooke, Kelsey, Danni, Cassie and Carlye (wingman/woman) over to eat and watched Dinner for Schmucks. I tell you a group of hot girls talking bout there sex life is kinda weird tho and sometimes I wish i didn’t know most of what I hear. O well tomorrow is MLK DAY and ofcourse Finlandia just has to have classes tomorrow. o joy!

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Day 1

So today was the First Day of classes and it wasnt to bad. Classes seem like a good challenge and with me really making this my main focus things will turn out for the best.  I wish a few things where different and like a few things are bugging me like alot of the freshman but some arent that bad and I have made a few new friends. I am glad that there are people here that I can trust and talk to and for the most part chill with. But my plan is to be the hermit… be the nerd… and let people ask the questions and come to me.

Life will work out and yea there has been some drama and things that I wish didnt just happen but those have been cut off and I know a few people would be proud but I do want to have some friends to always chill with and have them introduce me to others since lot of these freshmen are like o he is the 23 year old guy… haha. There is however one girl on my mind but thats another story and as for now I am in school to study have fun and meet new people cuz you never know…