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Alcoholism is the cyclic presence of tolerance, withdrawal, and excessive alcohol use; the drinker’s inability to control such compulsive drinking, despite awareness of its harm to his or her health, indicates that the person might be an alcoholic. Also normally noticed after several days of binge drinking (5 or more drinks at a time)…

I give the definition of an alcoholic because certain persons including my soccer coach. Since he accuses me of being a drunk due to lies and rumors from certain teammates that want to see me gone they have kicked me off the soccer team. I am honestly pissed and disgusted that for one I didnt even get to explain my side of it let alone even really speak face to face; I just got a shitty phone call.

My side of the story: They claim I was drunk the night before practice and that is why I did not show. -The truth is I was at home went to b e early and then took several team mates to get physicals including myself. Then the second practice of the day I was having a reoccurrence of a very disturbing flashback…

It blows my mind that a soccer coach would listen to one person who has no proof and would take his side. It makes me curse their name and want to really not want to play soccer. O and to top it off the dumbass teammate is the biggest pot head ever and has been seen high since practices started.

Some people need to mind their own business and others need to learn to get the whole story and that proof is out there if one asks others.

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The drama

So I had moved in a while back whit two girls and god damn worst idea ever. They have been nothing but problems. complaining about paying the bills (only pay for what they use or how often they are at the house!) and then eating all the food i buy and never buying any for the house ( even when they ate all the eggs or drank all the milk.) I will be happy once they are gone but of course they have been causing more problems leaving that when they where here. All they do now is come in yelling and complaining then leave. I tried to be civil about helping them get their security deposit back but after the fact that I try and talk to them in person or over they phone they ignore all they want to do is text or barge into my room while i am asleep and start yelling. I have contemplated if I should call and get a lawyer because of all the money on bills they never paid or the rent that i have yet to receive for this month but the problem is the money i would loose just getting a lawyer would not cover it. Instead I am in talks with the landlord in making sure their security deposits are held and used for the rent and things since they want to leave their stuff in MY house and they can come and go as they please. I am really ready to just pack their stuff up and set it outside.


If anything I can not wait for some mature people to move in. Kelsey and Dannielle are going to be moving in and next year will be a lot better and this will be a true family. Already they have been hanging out and its nice to have people to talk to and just sit back and watch tv with instead of complaining and leaving month old dirty dishes in the sink. The past girls had it easy with paying only 50$ a month and then an additional 60-70 bucks for bills… (and they complained about the costs and shit.) So I have had it with those two and I am anxious to have my friends move in and really make this house a good drama free and loving home.


Now all I need to do is bring stuff up from DC and really decorate and not worry about what they want!

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So summer is right around the corner and i have been trying to get my plans in order. I will be staying in the UP at the house during the summer and working once i can find a local job to help pay for some extra bills and things since times are tough for the whole family. It will be nice to see the UP in ins beautiful glory during this tie instead of all of the nasty snow. Doris however is broken right now so i have to see about taking care of that issue soon as possible. I have talked to Dawn and would love to see some of the sights and have her show me whats around this area. I would love to go camping tho… I havent gone in years and cant wait to go and sleep out doors for a few days just gotta find people to come with haha.  otherwise i will just be getting stuff ready for Danielle to move in to the house for next year and see what the plan is for someone else. If anything i am ready for this school year to be over but cant wait for next year either. So far I have all A’s and plan on keeping it that way since i have all the time to myself to get things ready and mentally prepare. There is someone else i would love to see during the summer…. just have to talk to her and see what shes doing… if i could ever get a hold of her!

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Ahhh what a great weekend… the boys where back in town. Steve, Fons, and Zach from the soccer team last year decied to surprise everyone and boy was it awesome to have my friends back. People this year have changed and not for the better so it was great to party with them and draw on Carlye again! no matter how far you are from your friends they will be your friends!

The guys kept on talking about how big Carlye’s boobs got bigger, how they ran over a deer on the way up, how skinny Moose was now, and then how much they miss it here. Dawn was super excited that we all chilled and were hanging out like the old days. We drove out to Ontonagon and met Zach’s grandmother and grandfather. They have a nice little cabin but little cold and windy. If anything the guys just had to miss the 60 degree weather from just a few days before and came up when it was 13 degrees out and windy. We enjoyed ourselves and I am definitely going down for spring break to hang out with them since there isnt really any guys for me to chill with here at school. All in all great time and Thank you dawn for some of the pics!

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So I am laying here in bed thinking… Thinking about everyone I have met, everyone I have seen, everyone I have loved, everyone I have hated. So many people come and go yet there is one person in my mind all the time… I can’t get her out of my mind nomatter how hard I try. I can not believe it… This is life and I will always love and miss you. So many more people will come and go yet still you are here in my heart… I hope one day things will get better and someone just as special as you will be introduced to my life yet nomatter who comes you will always be the first one and none can take that away from you. As now you are in a place I will not be for a long time I will see you again one day and you will smile and hold my hand like that first time I held you. For nomatter what I will always love you. It has been years and only memories left yet I hold you close and can only wait for the fight that gives me reason to come flying to you. But as you hold my heart know that I am thinking about another now and she is special. I hope to have the same happyness as I enjoyed with you and pray I will not feel the same pain as I did when you left. But ofcourse only God knows what will happen and I pray everyday thinking about you. As I lay in bed in this house I wish you could see what has happened but I know deep down you have! I love you Samantha.

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This is the Soccer House. My new home and place to keep clean. Atleast there is no more dorm drama… now i can have some parties and have people over for some fun! I have the house set up with Airtunes and can be controlled via my iPhone. Otherwise I have servers storing my music and movies while I have accounts on my laptop for my roommates use and access. But I like that for the most part it is nice, clean and organized for the most part.