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Day of Remeberance

There is no questions that space is beautiful but it also deadly. With all the radiation, debris, vacuum of space and the still many unknowns, it is a wonder why we ever dare to wander into the void. Man has the instinct to explore and to quote Star Trek, it is the final frontier. Space has many wonders and beautiful cosmic events still left to be witnessed and we want to be the ones to do it.

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On Friday the 13th, a series of organized attacks erupted in the City of Paris, France. Not since WWII has Paris seen this kind of devastation. 129 people died with another 350+ injured. All I can do is pray and hope those responsible face proper judgement.

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Next Stop Ares


Ares, Sol IV, Mars… It goes by many names (much like Earth, Gaia, Terra, or Sol III) but it has remained one of the main focuses when we look to the stars. Why has Mars been on our minds for so long? Will we ever be able to follow Hollywood and actually visit Mars in our lifetimes? Can we seriously see a future and clear distinction between Terrans and Martians? Mars is the fourth planet in our solar system and the only other planet that comes within the habitability zone. The other planets and moons are potentially to dangerous and extreme for us to visit let alone settle. Earth’s Moon, Jupiter’s moon Titan, and a few others could one day be home for humans but the logical choice is Mars.
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Apartment or Tiny House?

So as I grow older, more questions are asked about what my future is going to be like. I am still unsure of many things in my life such as job, where I want to settle down, and how will I make money. Two things are certain, I want to travel and I want a family. There is still a lot in this world I want to experience and I don’t want to do it alone. In the mean time I am stressed about the future path because of my past still haunting me.

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70 Years Ago Today

Since I was little, I have always been interested in WWII. The heroism, power, good vs. evil, and honor that defined WWII made it a very interesting period for me to study and respect. Through out high school any free topic report I had to write was about WWII either about the Winter War, Operation Overlord, or Battle of Midway. Today we look back and show our respect to one of the largest sacrifices and commitments to a cause that the 20th century has ever seen.


Under the commands of General Dwight D. Eisenhower, the allied forces began the one of largest airborne and naval amphibious landings the world had seen. With the might of over 150,000 souls, the allies landed at Normandy in the five different sectors; Utah, Omaha, Sword, Juno, and Gold. Meet with strong fortifications and hazards, the allies took the beach and began to take back France and the rest of Europe from the Nazis. The allies suffered over 10,000 casualties, 4,414 were confirmed dead.


I can not begin to imagine the emotions and fear that the men who landed on those beaches faced. I can’t even comprehend where the strength and will to move forward came from. I know personally I would have probably broken down and been to scared to continue with all of the dead around me and the bullets flying above. We consider men who fought in war to be heroes and men who defy the human will. Truth be told, these men were everyday men doing what needed to be done and willing to sacrifice themselves to keep their families and loved ones safe from evil.


I look back at WWII with wide eyes because it is such an interesting time to have lived and been apart of. As the days and month go by however we continue to loose the men that lived this time first hand. 70 years is a long time and most the men who are still live were in their late teens to 20’s. Before we loose the first hand accounts and witnesses, I want you all to find someone near by who lived through that time and hear their story, make them dinner or take them out to the park or one of the memorials in their honor. Hearing their stories because that is the only way we can truly appreciate the greatest generation that has lived.

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Honor Flight

Since I was in AJROTC, I have followed several different organizations for Veterans. The two I check on regularly are POW/MIA and Honor Flight. POW/MIA helps track down lost soldiers and to provide families with closure as well are remembrance. Honor Flight helps organize and bring World War II, Korean, and Vietnam veterans to DC to see the memorials dedicated to them. They help plan and organize transportation and medical needs while traveling. I am a big fan and supporter of both of these organizations and will at times go to events to volunteer my time.

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Today the American government shut down putting many Americans without work or a paycheck. We have no idea how long this will last; 1 day or 100 days, it all will be bad or worse. The last time this happened was in 1996 for 21 days. It is obvious tea party republicans are responsible for the shut down for not passing any resolution with Obamacare. The funny thing is even though they shut down the government Obamacare still started up today and was not affected. Their posturing has made it harder for Americans to make a buck.

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1998 QE2

On Friday at 4:59 p.m. EDT, the 1.7-mile-wide space rock 1998 QE2 will harmlessly fly by Earth at a distance of 3.6 million miles. This is a reminder that we live in shooting gallery with a constant threat. Unlike the dinosaurs who did not have a space program (unless we talk about the Voth from Star Trek Voyager) we can watch the skies and have a chance to prevent our own destruction. We are at the point where technology can help us prevent a disaster with such companies as Planetary Resource that are privatizing space travel and even mining of asteroids.

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Meet Uncle Pete!

Ever since I was little I have loved trains. My dad took my brother and I to see many different exhibits and museums of the railroad. We have seen Promontory Summit where the golden spike was driven, taken Amtrak, seen countless museums and events showcasing rail cars and locomotives. Even growing up we had our own Lionel train sets and would do set ups during Christmas time. Well the other night I was perusing YouTube and came across a vintage film titled “Meet Uncle Pete” which is a public relations video for Union Pacific. It is an interesting video that covers many different aspects of railroad operations during the 1960’s and several are still relevant today. I hope you enjoy the video and learn something new. Continue reading

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My best friend is EQUAL!

This past week the Supreme Court had two cases in front of them involving gay marriage. Prop 8 is California’s ban on gay marriage and the other case is if the federal government recognizes gay marriage so that partners can share benefits. We have to wait till June for a ruling when the sessions is over and many people would like to see the justices have a sweeping decision. After reading a lot of the comments and questions the justices asked I believe they are trying to avoid the sweeping decision and instead focus on the cases at hand.

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a Sacrifice

Working for a small company has been a blessing because it has given me the opportunity to have a well paying job that looks after me. There are moments when I don’t like the people I work with or don’t want to be in the building and there are times when things happen that piss me off or make me want to leave but I have to forget about them and move on. Being able to have a job that I can make a living off of in today’s economy is tough to find especially with my situation. I am grateful for my job and will work hard and not fail those that count on me.

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90’s Flashback

It is still hard to believe that the 90’s was 20 years ago now… that is to long and I miss my childhood. I played with pong and legos and had a gameboy fatboy. Pong was something my brother and I collected and you were always out side in the real social network, the playground. Anyways I just saw this video and I have to share it with you because it is awesome although it is a commercial for Internet Explorer I will let that go.

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100 years

Many times I think of where mankind is headed and the state of the world in the future. My mind turns to movies and scifi for some answers good or bad; would we be in a Star Trek type lifestyle in glamorous starships, would it be a society of that in Firefly, or would it be of an apocalyptic world were mankind struggles to survive, or that of a black rock were we have ceased to exist.

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Explorer Day Movement

Last night after talking to Kirsti for a while I was searching the internet and I came across a post about people suggesting the creation and editing of Columbus Day to Explorers Day. Columbus day is celebrated on the second monday of October. In more recent years people have been upset with this day because of the horrible things Christopher Columbus did to the Native Americans. I don’t believe it is right to celebrate these killings and mass murder but I do think he was still a marvel when it came to exploration and discoveries. Since I look at his work as an explorer, the followed that which I think is distinct in humans which is that Nature to explore.

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