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Giving Thanks

For Thanksgiving this year my family was invited over to my sister-in-law’s family Thanksgiving dinner. Normally we have dinner at home with our uncle  a few neighbors and sometimes cousins. This typically is about 10 people or less. This year was such a wonderful gathering to be invited to and the weather outside was perfect for sitting outdoors and drinking some beer. Seeing and talking to more of my sister-in-law’s family was a real treat. Over 20 people were gathered around to give thanks and enjoy each others company. I am very thankful that we had the privilege to be invited and that they wanted to be bothered by our presence. By the end of desert I was ready to pass out from all the fun and excitement. I don’t know how the rest of them kept going for hours and hours.
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Not Your Average Comic


Remember a time when you didn’t have an iPhone or iPad when you were settled on the toilet for the long haul? Most people growing up with out these time distractions did not have the Internet at our finger tips so we had to improvise. Most people had a good book, puzzle, magazine, or worst case, the dreaded shampoo bottle to act as a diversion. For myself growing up I had a luxury item in my bathroom for when I needed it, a wonderful comic book titled “Calvin and Hobbes.”
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Fond Memories



I am sorry to say that my step-grandfather, Veikko, passed away on Saturday, August 30th, 2014. Even though he was technically my step-grandfather, he had always been around since I can remember and in my eyes he was my grandfather as much as my other grandfather, Pentti. Personally this is very hard for me because he was someone we visited regularly and with very fond memories of. Some of my earliest memories are of being back in Finland on the farm just southeast of Lahti in a small place called Hollala.

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! The Christmas season is my favorite time of the year. I know a lot of people say that but for me it really has a lot of great memories and is just beautiful time to celebrate some of the good that happens within humanity. I love giving out many gifts to all of my friends and family and I usually put in a lot of thought into the things I got them because a gift card maybe one thing or just a simple DVD but you want to find the perfect gift to show how much that person means to you because this is the time where we need to cherish and be grateful. For a long time I’ve been a strong believer in the Christmas spirit and also in Santa Claus. I know many of you don’t believe in Santa Claus but I do believe not so much as a man but as a spirt. Many people do wonderful things to help those in need or just to even bring a smile to someones face and that is the spirit I cherish. I spent my fair share this season getting gifts for people and I wish there was more I could do for some of my amazing friends.

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I am moving to New Zealand

So I am going to be moving to New Zealand soon. It seems like a great choice to move to somewhere different, not the USA with its drama and lame politics, and a place where its westernized but still its own easy life self. Plus it just would be nice to live in another country for a while and gain some experiences so it has been decided! I leave in 2 weeks.

HAHA APRIL FOOLS (Although its actually not a bad idea…)

Ah it is April Fool’s day… one of my favorite days of the year. I don’t get to crazy with my own pranks rather i enjoy watching a lot of the pranks that get activated when this day comes around. It is always so entertaining to see what creative new pranks people come up with. Some are just brilliant and others are just mean and of course there are those that aren’t really pranks at all but rather just physical harm. Now I also enjoy going to companies we sites and see what interesting lies they come up with. I always enjoy for some of their funny new and fake products that you wish were real. Also NPR, WTOP, and other news websites like to joke around to. I really think this is great and that these companies do this. Humor is the best medicine and really gets people to join in and have fun, if companies do this I really think that people will enjoy doing business with them after all even Sheldon Cooper likes to laugh and joke.

Anyways I have found a nice little video to help somewhat if at all explain the origins of All Fools Day. Along with it is a classic Simpsons April Fools Prank that is just so funny. O and there is this great top 10 pranks also some like the soda bottle one are great but others are just of someone throwing a ball at someone which i don’t find to be in the real nature of April Fools Day. So I hope everyone enjoys today, I know I will, and be sure to have plenty of bandaids ready for those violent friends of yours because you just might be their target. I also would love to hear what pranks you pulled today so leave a comment!

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Is the world coming to an end… No its not, this is not the last year of our existence nor will we all turn in to zombies (althought for several days I did think my sickness was the start of the virus.) this year will be great and I look forward to starting it off right; I am dating a beautiful woman now, I am cleared for rehab now for my leg, I am working hard at this research firm and to top it off I have my friends near me again. I will always try and work hard even though I do have my lazy spells but that is due to… (IDK) but I do work very hard and try to be the best person I can be and this year I don’t really have a resolution except to prove that I am a good and decent person and yes I have made my fair share of mistakes but I still love and care for my best friends, don’t want to harm others, and most importantly show that I do have honor. Simply put this year is about proving and regaining lost honor.

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So today is my 25th birthday and here is a look back at the last 25 years and memories…

-1- baptized in Finland, started to walk at 7 months, I have a vague/not sure if it is real memory of my grandfather holding me as a large white cottage is delivered to our back yard
-2- first cross country skis…
-3- Harri was born and I wouldn’t even look at him lol
-5- started to play soccer, cracked my head open hence my bald spot
-6- learned to swim, took first trip to Florida with grandparents to the Everglades (grandmother freaked out at the python.)
-9- first kiss with Tita god she was beautiful but she moved a few years later
-10- broke my leg arm falling out of a tree at blue park
-13- I won 1st place at regionals for the science fair for a math experiment i did, could have gone to nations but ended up not going
-16- started my first job at Safeway as a courtesy clerk (bagger)
-18- worked at best buy, senior in high school, promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in Jrotc, first girlfriend Natalie, lost virginity, got my Truck (Doris still have with 278,000 miles)
-19- tired to enlist in the Army got shot down at MEPS for medical … To much acne, got a job as a corporate auditor for Safeway (god I got a great job but didn’t take is seriously wish I did.)
-20- worked at Vector Marketing for a few weeks selling Cutco knives (didn’t make any money but good knives.) got a job working at Auto Rescue doing emergency roadside service and accident response which I loved that job and stayed there for a while.
-21- got a job at Apple
-22- felony, gained and lost the best thing ever in my life I love you Sam always, decided to go to college, attended Finlandia University (yep FU) joined the soccer team
-23- rented a awesome house just a block from school
-24- hurt my leg
-25- Back in Dc working at a research firm for military lawsuits

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I Give Thanks

So first off…. Happy Thanksgiving. Last night helped me remember what I am really thankful for and today just so happens to be Thanksgiving Day. First I am thankful that I am alive and well (well not so much with the hurt knee and not being able to drive but well) and that I have a loving family and the friends apt hat I really want in my life are here with me.

-Parents: I am happy to have such loving parents that always are there for me during my stupid mistakes or when I get hurt physically or mentally. Also that no matter what I know they love me.

– my brother Harri: Even tho we don’t talk or see much of each other he is still my brother and I will always have his back and I know he has mine.

– my best friend Ahmed: He has been my best friend since 9th grade which now puts it at 10 years since we have known each other and he is a great friend, the best thing is that we ae so different yet so alike its good to know I have a true friend in my corner sometimes

-my best friend Naeroby: she is the Latina fire in my life, she has given me clarity and her strong opinion since 10th grade and it’s kool with me, she means alot to me and I always love hanging out with her and watching family guy or the Simpsons that and tell her my problems and she calls me a dumbass lol.

-my best friend Kelsey: she has only been around for almost a year and half but I know she will stick around much much longer than that (as long as I don’t piss her off to bad lol) she reminds me alot of Naeroby with her strong will and great advise and well her stubbornness all make me glad and happy that she is in my life and to be the one to take me to parties and remind me I’m just a simple nerd that can really blow up a bathroom lol

– my best friend Danni: I am unsure where we stand sometimes and yes she has made me mad alot recently but no matter what I care for her and she has always been one to care and notice who I am and cares and doesn’t want to see me get hurt (altho she is the one to sometimes do it) but still she will always have me here waiting even if she isn’t happy with me lol

And everyone else… If I message you or text you it’s because I would like to talk chill and be a friend to you and yes I know sometimes I do message to often or something’s but it’s most likely because I enjoy the conversations we do have. Also if you want to be my friend I do want you to ca and not just use me. I have been told I’m a nice guy who is to giving and caring which is very true I always look out for my friends it’s just I hate the feeling of being used or one sided… But I care about you all very much and I am always open to having you come spend time with me talk about your problems and just have fun. So please don’t be a stranger!!!

Well for now everyone enjoy your holidays and take care.

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Easter Hare

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So a few days ago Danielle and I were driving across the bridge and there was a guy dressed up as the Easter bunny. Upon seeing this guy and taking a few pictures we began to wonder where the hell the a rabbit delivering some eggs on the day reserved to christ came from so last few days I have been looking into it and here is what I have come up with.

Bringing Easter eggs seems to have its origins in Alsace and the Upper Rhineland, both then in the Holy Roman Empire, and southwestern Germany, where the practice was first recorded in a German publication in the 1500s . The first edible Easter Eggs were made in Germany during the early 19th century and were made of pastry and sugar.

The Easter Bunny was introduced to the United States by the German settlers who arrived in the Pennsylvania Dutch country during the 18th century. The arrival of the Osterhase was considered one of “childhood’s greatest pleasures”, similar to the arrival of Kris Kringle on Christmas Eve.

According to the tradition, children would build brightly colored nests, often out of caps and bonnets, in secluded areas of their homes. The “Oster Hawse” (Easter Hare is the proper translation) would, if the children had been good, lay brightly colored eggs in the nest. As the tradition spread, the nest has become the manufactured, modern Easter basket, and the placing of the nest in a secluded area has become the tradition of hiding baskets.

Eggs, like rabbits and hares, are fertility symbols of antiquity. Since birds lay eggs and rabbits and hares give birth to large litters in the early spring, these became symbols of the rising fertility of the earth during spring.Eggs were forbidden to Catholics during the fast of lent, which was the reason for the abundance of eggs at Easter time. According to the legend, only good children received gifts of colored eggs in the nests that they made in their caps and bonnets before Easter.

Now there is speculation but not many officail links or ideas behind it but the germanic pagan goddess Ēostre (Eastre) (name of a Teutonic goddess of dawn, spring and fertility) is said to have a feast during the April month and is understood to have a part in the fertility of the newborn child which historians believe has links to the eggs.

Christians with its emphasis on rebirth (through the Resurrection), found it expedient to continue celebrating Eastre’s holiday. Recently however Christians have started to call Easter sunday Resurrection sunday. These tiny clues makes one think about how many cultural influences the bible took in to celebrate certain pagan holidays. What do you think?