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A commercial airliner, Malaysia Airlines 17, was shot down over Ukraine on July 17th killing all 298 souls, 193 of whom were Dutch. This is another mark in Russia and President Putin’s new agenda to retake lost land over the years. While the facts are still being brought together it does appear that it was the pro-Russian forces that used an anti-air missile battery to shoot down MH17. Immediately the crash site was disturbed and bodies and pieces of the aircraft moved by the pro-Russians.

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70 Years Ago Today

Since I was little, I have always been interested in WWII. The heroism, power, good vs. evil, and honor that defined WWII made it a very interesting period for me to study and respect. Through out high school any free topic report I had to write was about WWII either about the Winter War, Operation Overlord, or Battle of Midway. Today we look back and show our respect to one of the largest sacrifices and commitments to a cause that the 20th century has ever seen.


Under the commands of General Dwight D. Eisenhower, the allied forces began the one of largest airborne and naval amphibious landings the world had seen. With the might of over 150,000 souls, the allies landed at Normandy in the five different sectors; Utah, Omaha, Sword, Juno, and Gold. Meet with strong fortifications and hazards, the allies took the beach and began to take back France and the rest of Europe from the Nazis. The allies suffered over 10,000 casualties, 4,414 were confirmed dead.


I can not begin to imagine the emotions and fear that the men who landed on those beaches faced. I can’t even comprehend where the strength and will to move forward came from. I know personally I would have probably broken down and been to scared to continue with all of the dead around me and the bullets flying above. We consider men who fought in war to be heroes and men who defy the human will. Truth be told, these men were everyday men doing what needed to be done and willing to sacrifice themselves to keep their families and loved ones safe from evil.


I look back at WWII with wide eyes because it is such an interesting time to have lived and been apart of. As the days and month go by however we continue to loose the men that lived this time first hand. 70 years is a long time and most the men who are still live were in their late teens to 20’s. Before we loose the first hand accounts and witnesses, I want you all to find someone near by who lived through that time and hear their story, make them dinner or take them out to the park or one of the memorials in their honor. Hearing their stories because that is the only way we can truly appreciate the greatest generation that has lived.

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Honor Flight

Since I was in AJROTC, I have followed several different organizations for Veterans. The two I check on regularly are POW/MIA and Honor Flight. POW/MIA helps track down lost soldiers and to provide families with closure as well are remembrance. Honor Flight helps organize and bring World War II, Korean, and Vietnam veterans to DC to see the memorials dedicated to them. They help plan and organize transportation and medical needs while traveling. I am a big fan and supporter of both of these organizations and will at times go to events to volunteer my time.

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Battle at home

The whole time i have lived here the DMV has seen many disasters and horrors. Yesterday was another tragedy, a shooter made his way on to the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. He made his way to Naval Sea Systems Command and began shooting. A total of 13 people including the shooter are dead and another 15 people are wounded.

It is very sad that mass shooting are so common. I often work at the Navy Yard at the History and Heritage Command and to know that this can happen so close to where I work scares me. I was upset all day Monday. I hope we can control all of this gun violence because I don’t want my children growing up in a world like this.

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There has finally been confirmation that Area 51 exists! Now so far the documents that have been released reference it’s existence and location. The documents have many redacted which means additional information has not been released only partial documents. This still means we don’t know much as to what is there or anything that takes place on this CIA base.

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Today is another sad day in our post 9/11 era. Today was Patriots Day in Boston and on this day Boston Marathon was bombed. The marathon this year was in remembrance of the Sandy Hook School shootings and the fact two bombs were detonated during this event is outrageous. I am at a loss for words and all I can do is pray for the safety of those 110+ injured and those three souls who lost their lives. I hope they find out who did this and justice will be quick and harsh.

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The 4th Battlefield

Yesterday the largest known cyber attack occurred in South Korea targeting ATM’s and Broadcasting stations. This attack was cripping because it prevented people from gaining access to their money as well as communication. Even though the rest of the inferstructer was not targeted or affected, not being able to get to one’s money can cause panic and chaos. It is scary to think that we are so vulnerable. I am seriously considering always keeping cash with me. I do have a go-bag that does have some money along with tradable commodities but to think a cyberattack can cause this much chaos is the world we live in. I am writing another post about the real skynet issue and how we are opening ourselves to be the targets of cyberattacks.

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A Home for Everybody

I watched this video earlier today and I was astonished at the new technology that allows for a sturdy structure to be erected within just five hours. This is a great step for bringing safe havens for people in third-world countries, soldiers on the battlefield, clean field hospitals and operating rooms, victims from natural disasters, food stores, or refugees from political turmoil. I am not sure of the cost of each building but from the looks of the size it can fit about eight people comfortably and protected from the elements. I would like to see some real investments in setting up these homes around the world and giving a real home to others. If they are cheap then a fund should be set up to purchase, ship and set up these homes in places such as Africa, South America, Asia, and Eastern Europe.


Honor the Dead

I found these two videos last night and I have been sitting here trying to think of exactly what to say other than wow. The brother in arms bond is a strong one and when one of your brothers fall it hits you hard. Each country has its own way of honoring heroes and in New Zealand they are preform a Haka which is a traditional war cry/dance of New Zealand. Just watch the videos because I was deeply moved and I know you will be too.




Click Here to see more videos about the New Zealand Defense Forces.