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Apartment or Tiny House?

So as I grow older, more questions are asked about what my future is going to be like. I am still unsure of many things in my life such as job, where I want to settle down, and how will I make money. Two things are certain, I want to travel and I want a family. There is still a lot in this world I want to experience and I don’t want to do it alone. In the mean time I am stressed about the future path because of my past still haunting me.

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The Joys of Writer’s Block

One thing I have faced recently has been the strong wall of writer’s block. It has been a while since I have posted any new story or poem and it isn’t for the lack of trying. Every time I try and write, I draw a blank or don’t know where to go. Because of this I have deleted whole paragraphs because they didn’t flow or fit with what I wanted to speak about. Currently I have three large posts I have been working on, one of which for almost six months.

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Memorial Day

One thing I have learned thanks to Army JROTC and my current job researching historical military documents is showing respect for those willing to fight in defense of you and your rights as a human. Today is Memorial Day and I spent today doing research instead of going to a BBQ and getting drunk. My grandfather served in World War II in a theater of the war most of you never heard of, the Winter War. In 1940 Russia wanted control of its western coast along the Baltic Sea. Russia turned its aim towards Finland and attempted to invade. Finland only had a population of about 4 million while Russia had a population of over 150 million. My grandfather was one of the soldiers who defended and prevented the Russian invasion. I will continue to research more about the Winter War and I want to find out which unit he was in and any reports from his unit. Since his passing I want to get closer to him and I feel this is the best way to do it and understand his life.

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A Nerds Dream Weekend

This weekend is one any Nerd would enjoy, not only did Free Comic Book Day fall on this weekend but the following day was May 4th. For those of you who may not know May 4th is also known as May the Fourth Be with You in reference to Star Wars. There is also Revenge of the Fifth with conveniently and ironically lands on Monday. Also on May 4th, a very special episode of the Simpsons aired where they were all Legos. This weekend was a dream for me because I really let myself go and Geeked out all weekend.

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My collection.

One of my New Years resolutions for this year was to start collection something. I have been playing World of Warcraft for a long time and put a lot of energy and money into the game for achievements. Along with those achievements are rare and unique mounts and titles that have taken a long time to acquire and/or a lot of money to unlock. The same goes with the Simpsons Tapped Out game. I have spent a lot more money thank I care to admit on these two games but after looking back I would say I have spent over $3000 on just those two games. Yes I know a waste of money and I will agree. The biggest problem with these two collections is that it is all virtual, I can not sell them later in life and if the game no longer supported one day then good bye.

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And that’s how we met the Mother.

For the past nine years I have looked forward to a show that had a creative way to tell a love story, backwards. How I Met Your Mother may seem like another sitcom but it has a deeper sense of self to it. We followed a young Ted Mosby from his mid to late 20’s to find the woman of his dreams. With all of the ups and downs one thing was certain, he will eventually met her.

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Blood Donations

Well a large snow storm hit the DC area causing closures of schools and government and cancellations of many events and activities. Many people do not realize that blood shortages are common during storms because blood drives are canceled and donators can’t make it to the donor services centers. Over the years when there have been disastrous storms, blood stores run dangerously low and blood banks have to ration. I would be devastated if I had to have emergency surgery and there was not enough blood to go around .

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Built Ford Tough




The DC Auto show was in town last week and of course with my busy schedule, I couldn’t find a moment to go. The real reason why I wanted to go this year was of course the display of the new 2015 F150. According to Ford’s website, the new design would have been at the show but the shows website along with several people I know said that it wasn’t there or they couldn’t find it. That alone made me not stress to much about missing the show but this post is about the beautiful and new F150.

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A month to get organized

So I have not been posting at all in the month of January till now and here are my reasons. It was my time to be a little selfish and focus on a few things to start out this year right. Along with trying to get healthy, I got pretty sick for a week and couldn’t work or really move. Even with being sick I am still going to hit about 200 hours at the office which means it has been super busy.

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End of an addiction.

For close to 7 years I have played World of Warcraft. With some lulls and months I limit my use I am still over 330 days worth of logged in game play on a single character, Trigne. I have not logged in however for over 3 months and just don’t feel like going back. I still picked up my virtual blizzcon ticket to see what is announced and the costume contests. Even with the new announcement of an expansion pack I am hesitant to come running back.

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This evening has been the roughest one I have has to go through in 3 years. I was driving back on George Washington Parkway from Mount Vernon area when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. In a small clearing a few yards from the parkway was a large white dog laying down. Immediately I pulled over on the grass and hustled to the dog. His name was Patch. Only a few minutes before me a car hit him. He was breathing heavy and slow and within a few minutes of me getting to his side, he passed away. I have no idea who hit him nor did we see any evidence of anyone stopping to help or anything.

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Battle at home

The whole time i have lived here the DMV has seen many disasters and horrors. Yesterday was another tragedy, a shooter made his way on to the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. He made his way to Naval Sea Systems Command and began shooting. A total of 13 people including the shooter are dead and another 15 people are wounded.

It is very sad that mass shooting are so common. I often work at the Navy Yard at the History and Heritage Command and to know that this can happen so close to where I work scares me. I was upset all day Monday. I hope we can control all of this gun violence because I don’t want my children growing up in a world like this.

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Financial stability

My next paycheck in 9 days will be a nice little milestone for me. I will have paid off all of my debt except for student loans (those are going to take for ever.) I will have paid off completely both of my credit cards and not have to rely on them so they can keep the full line of credit and I will only make purchases with my debit card. I will have paid off all of my medical and legal bills that I have been paying for a while now.

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I AM …
a son
a brother
a nerd
a soccer player
a best friend
a student
a writer
an explorer
a Browncoat
a rugby player
a gamer
a shadow priest
a friend
a medic
a soldier
a blogger
a planner
a reader
an author
a historical military researcher
a handyman
a mover
a long distance driver
a Finn
a giver
a Trekkie
a listener
a fixer
a Springfieldianite
a computer repairman
a roadside rescue technician
a Lutheran
a scientist
a builder
a curious one
a Terran
a Mac-user
a confidant
an astrophysicist
a Virginian
a criminal
a Titan
a Lieutenant Colonel
a donator
a loremaster
a Jedi
a leader
a loner
A slapbet commissioner
a hacker
a thespian
a traveler

I am still evolving…

All of these things are a part of me and make me who I am. I am proud of this and look forward to many more titles including father, husband, PHD, and hero. I can do a lot and there is a lot that I could not. Be proud of yourself, talents, and accomplishments because those are what shape your life and the lives of those around you.

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Friends around when we need them the most.

For the week of Fourth of July this year my best friend from school flew in and visited me. We had a blast checking out many different museums and monuments around DC. It was the best week I have had this year and in a long time. Since I rarely see any of my friends let alone be able to go to different sights and explore new things; I really cherish these moments and looking back on these really give me hope and happiness.

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