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So it has been a few months since I have posted anything interesting or in an attempt to be intellectual. For the most part my second job has taken up a lot of time. I currently work 9-5:30 at one job and about 6pm-12am (sometimes 2am) at my other job. My life has become the real Work, Sleep, Eat routine. On my few days off and spare hours I have spent my time with close friends and working on a few side projects. Since I have not had time to work on all of the many posts and topics going through my head, I figured I would do a quick rant post. Buckle in… we are going all over the place in this one!

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A New Year

So yet another year has passed. Nothing much worth to report, a few accidents, still working hard at the same job and trying to stay active. So the new plan is to make this next year more interesting. This is going to be the year of mental improvement for me and I have some big plans ahead.

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I AM …
a son
a brother
a nerd
a soccer player
a best friend
a student
a writer
an explorer
a Browncoat
a rugby player
a gamer
a shadow priest
a friend
a medic
a soldier
a blogger
a planner
a reader
an author
a historical military researcher
a handyman
a mover
a long distance driver
a Finn
a giver
a Trekkie
a listener
a fixer
a Springfieldianite
a computer repairman
a roadside rescue technician
a Lutheran
a scientist
a builder
a curious one
a Terran
a Mac-user
a confidant
an astrophysicist
a Virginian
a criminal
a Titan
a Lieutenant Colonel
a donator
a loremaster
a Jedi
a leader
a loner
A slapbet commissioner
a hacker
a thespian
a traveler

I am still evolving…

All of these things are a part of me and make me who I am. I am proud of this and look forward to many more titles including father, husband, PHD, and hero. I can do a lot and there is a lot that I could not. Be proud of yourself, talents, and accomplishments because those are what shape your life and the lives of those around you.

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Happy Fourth of July!

Unlike many years before, this has been the best Fourth of July ever. Since 2006 I have had lame or bad time for the big reason I didn’t have anyone to spend the day with or a reason to go out. I didn’t start drinking till I was almost 24 and I didn’t like being in bars before that so I just stayed at home and slept or did something to keep me busy. Also for four straight years I would be working on the highway since it was one of the busiest holidays of the year travel wise. There were plenty of times were I would start at 8 am and be done close to 3 am. Those long days or accidents, tire changes, lockouts, and medical emergencies just ruined the day for me.

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I am sorry I have not posted recently. I have been occupied with work and getting things organized. Days have merged together and this last week has sped by. My high school friend and future roommate, Lauren, just moved back into the DC area and has been staying with me. It has be a real pleasure having her around and hanging out. We have been going through Old Town and checking out a few resturants like Flying Fish, Bugsy’s Pizza, Murphy’s, South China, and Light Horse. Also just showing her all the sights and changes since she left the area back in 2005. Since she rarely goes out and views any new movies, we went and saw the Hobbit and her face was just priceless and full of joy, it will be great living with her and showing her all the wonderful movies she has missed. On top of hanging out with Lauren we have also chilled with Jarreau and Naeroby at a party Naeroby was throwing at her apartment for her boyfriends birthday. I am excited and proud to say that within the first week she has been back, she applied and was hired by a great job in DC and she is excited. The weeks before her arrival things were hectet, however now that she is here everything for both of us has been coming together nicely. Anyways the next thing to do is to is to find an apartment and get squared away. Once things get settled I will finish the four posts I am currently working on and might try and get one out by Wednesday.

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This Super Bowl like many others, some of the adds target the American farmer. These ads are usually the most popular and this year is no exception. Even though I am a Ford guy, I really liked the Ram ad using Paul Harvey’s speech “So God Made a Farmer.” Harvey’s speech back in 1978 defined what it is to be a farmer and the hard work and loyalty the job requires. America loves farmers and cowboys and part of the American dream is to own a farm. That is harder to do now a days but for those whom take the job and tend to the crops and livestock, it rewarding in such a way that you are almost at peace. I have always thought about the farm back in Finland where I spent so much time riding the tractor through the fields, tending to the horses and cows, and cleaning that blasted chicken pen. There is something alluring about having all that hard work and seeing it pay off by more that capital gains. The second video is the Budweiser commercial about a clydesdale being raised by a farmer and the bond between the two. Just like the Harvey’s speech, a farmer must spend many of sleepless nights looking after the livestock and when it comes down to horses there is that bond and love that is established. I respect farmers greatly and even with food prices getting higher the rest of Americans to should help support them. As for the two Super Bowl commercials, I loved them a lot and hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

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a Sacrifice

Working for a small company has been a blessing because it has given me the opportunity to have a well paying job that looks after me. There are moments when I don’t like the people I work with or don’t want to be in the building and there are times when things happen that piss me off or make me want to leave but I have to forget about them and move on. Being able to have a job that I can make a living off of in today’s economy is tough to find especially with my situation. I am grateful for my job and will work hard and not fail those that count on me.

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100 years

Many times I think of where mankind is headed and the state of the world in the future. My mind turns to movies and scifi for some answers good or bad; would we be in a Star Trek type lifestyle in glamorous starships, would it be a society of that in Firefly, or would it be of an apocalyptic world were mankind struggles to survive, or that of a black rock were we have ceased to exist.

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! The Christmas season is my favorite time of the year. I know a lot of people say that but for me it really has a lot of great memories and is just beautiful time to celebrate some of the good that happens within humanity. I love giving out many gifts to all of my friends and family and I usually put in a lot of thought into the things I got them because a gift card maybe one thing or just a simple DVD but you want to find the perfect gift to show how much that person means to you because this is the time where we need to cherish and be grateful. For a long time I’ve been a strong believer in the Christmas spirit and also in Santa Claus. I know many of you don’t believe in Santa Claus but I do believe not so much as a man but as a spirt. Many people do wonderful things to help those in need or just to even bring a smile to someones face and that is the spirit I cherish. I spent my fair share this season getting gifts for people and I wish there was more I could do for some of my amazing friends.

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So the other day a friend and I were working out and we were discussing work. He told me how he is working several jobs. Now he is happy with the work he is doing which is great. Well during our conversation it was brought up how a lot of our friend are either is crappy jobs or still can’t find work even with a degree. A good chunk of my friends work in the food services either as chefs or as servers and waiters. Another group of my friends has a hard time even finding work that will look good on a resume.

That is where it hit me how happy I am with the path I took. See during high school I was in JROTC and was ready to enlist in the US Army as a combat medic. After some debacles I ended up deciding to work full-time out of school. I had worked in many different fields including roadside and accident response, working at Apple, and even working in some corporate auditing jobs. Most of these jobs and others lasted for atleast a year.

The benefits for waiting was that I was able to get some early work experience under my belt. I also gained a sense of maturity and discipline to do my work which helped me in college. I now work at a historical research firm 9am-5pm weekdays. This is a great job for me to have and I know my previous work experience and my newly gained work ethics also helped me land this job. Being able to work hard at this job and actually enjoy going to work is a great feeling.

I know I am lucky to have a job like this. It pays way more than minimum wage and that I have a steady hours to rely on. For my friends who are working these late shift or whom have minimum wage jobs all I can say is work your hardest and even if the boss or coworkers piss you off just stick with it because it will pay off in the end.