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Already 10 Years Later

There are many times where I think back to fond memories in high school where I think of close friends or things that happened. These memories are sometimes so vivid that I feel like they are fresh and just occurred the day before. It is hard to imagine how ever that these memories are 10 years old or even older. I was able to reminisce many of these memories and even several I completely forgot about a few weeks ago with old friends. It really is hard to imagine that over 10 years ago, I graduated from high school and even more hard to imagine that we have now had our 10 year high school reunion weekend. Yes, you read that correctly, Weekend!!! A three hour small gathering is not long enough to catch up with old friends and find out what everyone is up to these days. So our high school reunion committee made it into a small weekend event. A good choice if you ask me because picking a date when everyone is free and able to attend is difficult especially at our age when so many of our friends are getting married and money is still a major factor in plans.

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Friends around when we need them the most.

For the week of Fourth of July this year my best friend from school flew in and visited me. We had a blast checking out many different museums and monuments around DC. It was the best week I have had this year and in a long time. Since I rarely see any of my friends let alone be able to go to different sights and explore new things; I really cherish these moments and looking back on these really give me hope and happiness.

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I am sorry I have not posted recently. I have been occupied with work and getting things organized. Days have merged together and this last week has sped by. My high school friend and future roommate, Lauren, just moved back into the DC area and has been staying with me. It has be a real pleasure having her around and hanging out. We have been going through Old Town and checking out a few resturants like Flying Fish, Bugsy’s Pizza, Murphy’s, South China, and Light Horse. Also just showing her all the sights and changes since she left the area back in 2005. Since she rarely goes out and views any new movies, we went and saw the Hobbit and her face was just priceless and full of joy, it will be great living with her and showing her all the wonderful movies she has missed. On top of hanging out with Lauren we have also chilled with Jarreau and Naeroby at a party Naeroby was throwing at her apartment for her boyfriends birthday. I am excited and proud to say that within the first week she has been back, she applied and was hired by a great job in DC and she is excited. The weeks before her arrival things were hectet, however now that she is here everything for both of us has been coming together nicely. Anyways the next thing to do is to is to find an apartment and get squared away. Once things get settled I will finish the four posts I am currently working on and might try and get one out by Wednesday.

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An Alexandria Legend.

Today surprised me with someone I have not seen in several years and a person whom I always looked up to, Mr. John Porter. For those of you who don’t know Mr. Porter was the principle at TC Williams High School from 1984 till 2006… 22 amazing years. He is a native to Alexandria and was brought up through Alexandria City Public Schools system. After college he came back to Alexandria and work at the schools. To find someone who has dedicated so much time and has really made an impact to students is a real hidden gem. He always knew peoples names and even their family. He was also there for some of the most scary and dangerous moments in our high school career and he really helped us through them. He was there for us during 9/11, the DC Sniper, terrifying hurricanes, and even the deaths of some of my fellow students. He was a rock to us and I greatly admire him.

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