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Not Your Average Comic


Remember a time when you didn’t have an iPhone or iPad when you were settled on the toilet for the long haul? Most people growing up with out these time distractions did not have the Internet at our finger tips so we had to improvise. Most people had a good book, puzzle, magazine, or worst case, the dreaded shampoo bottle to act as a diversion. For myself growing up I had a luxury item in my bathroom for when I needed it, a wonderful comic book titled “Calvin and Hobbes.”
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World Cup Brazil


It is time for one of the greatest and most loved sporting events by the world, the World Cup. This cup is being held in Brazil this year and in two years the Summer Olympics will also be in Brazil putting a lot of pressure on the people. So far there have already been issues in getting the country ready such as violence, protests, and even a collapse during construction at one of the stadiums. Brazil has still a long way to come but I am sure they will be ready for the first match.

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2014 Olympics


As we have come to an end we look back at another successful Winter Olympics. For 2014, Sochi Russia on the Coast of the black sea was the host to the games. The small Russian coastal city had to build everything from scratch making this the highest price tag for an Olympic games, 51 Billion dollars. For these games we will remember the double bathroom stalls, people getting stuck and having to break out of bathrooms, and incomplete housing for athletes and spectators.

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This Super Bowl like many others, some of the adds target the American farmer. These ads are usually the most popular and this year is no exception. Even though I am a Ford guy, I really liked the Ram ad using Paul Harvey’s speech “So God Made a Farmer.” Harvey’s speech back in 1978 defined what it is to be a farmer and the hard work and loyalty the job requires. America loves farmers and cowboys and part of the American dream is to own a farm. That is harder to do now a days but for those whom take the job and tend to the crops and livestock, it rewarding in such a way that you are almost at peace. I have always thought about the farm back in Finland where I spent so much time riding the tractor through the fields, tending to the horses and cows, and cleaning that blasted chicken pen. There is something alluring about having all that hard work and seeing it pay off by more that capital gains. The second video is the Budweiser commercial about a clydesdale being raised by a farmer and the bond between the two. Just like the Harvey’s speech, a farmer must spend many of sleepless nights looking after the livestock and when it comes down to horses there is that bond and love that is established. I respect farmers greatly and even with food prices getting higher the rest of Americans to should help support them. As for the two Super Bowl commercials, I loved them a lot and hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

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Well this brightened my morning. Even though I do not care for Kia’s cars this commercial was so funny and cute. If my future children ever ask where babies come from this will be the tale. I love the entire concept and the commercial itself is put together very well. I look forward to some more of the super bowl commercials even if I don’t care for American football.

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Let the games begin.

And so starts the 30th Olympic Games of the modern era! I love watching the olympics and cheering for Finland. I really wish I could attend these Olympics but I will just have to wait for Brazil to host the games. So as the games have started China and USA are both taking plenty of metals but we are just getting started.

I do want to take a moment and look back at the opening ceremonies. I could not watch them as the broadcast from NBC but thanks to DvR I was able to view it on Saturday. I have a few things to say of course…. First NBC should be allowed to have the broadcasting rights and everything but preventing anyone to view it online with out a cable contract is absurd! Seriously most people will watch via tv but some only have Internet and you are going to screw it up! Geeze so much for being free in America!

The ceremonies themselves were great and many people were saying Beijing ceremonies were better I’ll say with the different in culture and history I’ll say they were the same. I was waiting for Sean Connery and John Cleese to come out and do something but I didnt see them anywhere… Still the Queens spoof of her jumping out with James Bond was really funny and awesome (although I don’t like this bond at all!) The opening otherwise was great and loved the music tribute and the industrial revolution portions. Part of it really reminded me of the lord of the rings style which was pretty cool to that national epic.

Ok but seriously the only interesting fact about Finland you could find is on the parking an speeding tickets? How about how Norway, Sweden and Finland all have the most freedoms of speech and press and how Finland was named by Newsweek as the #1 country??? Yep good job NBC!

The stage was then set by the doves on bikes. This was pretty ingenius and really creative. It was men and women on bikes wearing dove wings that flapped while riding. Then came the lighting of the cauldron and I must say I was impressed. Each part of the cauldron is made up of 204 polished copper bowls that look like petals. The fact that in combination with each other they create one cauldron. Each petal is individually made and each had to be clicked into place into a specific rod. At the end of the games, the cauldron will be dismantled and the petals scattered to the 204 nations that took part in the opening ceremony. Its a great idea that each nation gets to take home a peice and is part of the one flame that is set to unite us.

Well I enjoined the opening and glad everything went safely and with out any real big problems. Good job Great Britain! More to come down the road.

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Understanding more about the host city.

With the Olympics beginning on Friday in London, I thought I would share some knowledge about England and London most people esspecially Americans do not know. The first video explains more about London and the City of London. The two are very different and have vast differences and a long and distinct history. The second video explains England, the United Kingdom, and the Commonwealth including the countries in which they govern and the powers and laws intermixed. I hope you learn something and I can not wait to go to London to explore myself.


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2012… a Bloody Olympics?

The Olympics is a grand arena watched by the entire world and attended by millions that span all races and religions. This is the perfect stage for terrorism and a stage to get  a peoples message out around the world. The games have always been a target for attack and many attacks have been foiled over the years however there have been several attacks. With the stage set to promote peace, war is always at its doorstep. Continue reading