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The Lore of the Shadow Priest Trigne

As Blizcon 2014 takes place I honor the game with a short three part story I wrote. It follows the World of Warcraft character I have, Trigne who I have been playing for many years now. It also has a few excerpts from events that happened to me in game. I hope you enjoy and I might write more later with the new expansion pack coming.

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Lego Simpsons


Lego just announced that the Simpsons will be joining the world of Lego and as a fan of both the Simpsons and Lego I am very happy about this. Ever since Lego came out with Star Wars I wondered what else could be made into Legos. I really started to wonder why the Simpsons were not when they came out with the Spongebob sets. I love the Indiana Jones, Batman, Star Wars, and Marvel sets a lot and when I heard Simpsons were coming out I was ecstatic!

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Recently the Simpsons, my beloved and favorite show of all time, has been making me upset and disappointed. Since about season 10 the quality of the show has gone down. However within the last 5 seasons I will say it has really sunk quickly and I don’t know how much longer they can keep it up. Last Sunday’s episode featured an opening scene of the Simpsons doing the Harlem Shake, A fad that has really gone way overboard allowing people to go full retard for a minute. I was highly disappointed in this move trying to lure in with the new and hip thing but the Simpsons for a longtime lead the way.

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I am a nerd. For many years I have been called a nerd. I have been teased and bullied for it. I am proud to call myself a nerd however, this name does not hurt me but instead empowers me and makes me different. The names geek and nerd don’t harm me and I think of them as names that make someone special and actually more interesting.

In my eyes there are many defining attributes that makes someone a nerd. Now a geek and nerd are two different things. A geek is one who follows one specific genre such as a certain game, movie series, comic, fandom, or narrative. A geek is well versed in a lot of the world, history, and defining points and arguments for their love.

I think of a nerd as being someone who can master many different fandom bases, for me I am very knowledgeable in many different realms. I grew up on Star Trek and have seen every episode of every series multiple times as well as understand a lot of the background, history, and details. My main love is Firefly and I am apart of a lot of the Browncoats movements. I am also one for Star Wars, Dr. Who, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica, and hitchhikers guide. That is just the scifi part, also enjoy many other shows such as How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Castle, Dexter, Trauma, Chuck, Office, Parks and Rec, the simpsons, and many others. Anime is something I also enjoy such as Sgt Frog, Shin Chan, Ghost in the Shell, Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note, Bleach, Pokemon, Yugio, Naruto, and Dragonball Z.

Not only do I follow tv shows but movies, comics, and video games. I grew up on Sonic, Calvin and Hobbes, Batman, green lantern, ironman, Thor, and Donald Duck comics and still enjoy reading them. When it comes to video games I have tried and played most of them, not so much recently due to time. I still love to play world of Warcraft, starcraft, legend of zelda, Mario kart, and age of empires. As for movies there are to many to mention but my top three are serenity, Simpsons movie, and Avengers.

I wanted to give you a list because a geek will focus on only one to a handful of these but a nerd is wide spread and verse in very many. This alone doesn’t make one a nerd however there are still many more aspects to it. Nerds are typically loners who have very few friends because of the lifestyle. We tend to get wrapped up in all of these different worlds and enjoy them that we don’t like the real world.

Nerds are also scholars and have a massive knowledge base to pull from. Typically nerds are great at the logical applications, math,and sciences but have knowledge in history and common knowledge. I am well verse in the sciences and have been to large science fairs and won. I am great with computers and fixing things but also having the understand of how things work. True nerds respect intelligence and if they don’t know something they will learn and discover. In the TV show Big Bang Theory, the characters have masters and doctorates in science but retain knowledge of history, facts, and other fields. I enjoy this show because it gives a nice taste of what it is to be a nerd and challenges as well as benefits.

A lot of people however call themselves nerds however they are nothing close to it. There was recently a PSA that was released on the net of being a nerd. These people who think they are a nerd are just really part of a fad. If someone says they play video games and Pokemon ok they might be but then again challenge them and really see what they know. These people wear large dark rimmed glasses thinking that’s what makes you a nerd, it’s not, I had to wear glasses due to eyesight and I like thin metal rims. There are so many differences from people claiming to be nerds and those who truly have been nerds all their life.

The video also states that nerds don’t like to be called nerds and that it is hurtful. For this I will agree, along time ago back in grade school I hated the term. Today I will say that I have grown to the title and actually consider it somewhat of a term of endearment. I say that if you can stand up as make a name something positive then you are stronger and I know I am intelligent and capable of a lot.

I am writing this because I want people to understand my meaning of the term nerd and that I am proud to be someone weird and different in a lot of good ways. You have the ability to be anything and I am comfortable with who I am. The true nerds will rule the world not the fake ones.

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The weekend is here… So what do I do on my time off? Well I don’t have many friends in the area so I rarely go out to any parties or clubs because I hate going alone and that’s not my scene. I sometimes will go to a bar and have a drink or two but it gets depressing just sitting there alone not really meeting or talking to new people. If I had more friends or had time to go out with my current friends I would normally suggest something fun and different since getting hammered isn’t my favorite thing in the world.

My night last night was actually pretty relaxing except for one part. This is my typical night on weekends which I don’t mind having something different but no one is ever free to go with. First off I got off work at about 6 so I passed out and woke up at 9:30. I took a quick shower and got dressed and went for a walk. I walked down from King St Metro to Cora Kelly and back. I got back about 11:30 or so and hopped on World of Warcraft and worked on a few dailies and achievement (primarily trying to get the ravenlord mount which has still not dropped for me.) At about 2 am I decided to go back out and take a drive. I stopped at my thinking spot by the Potomac River and wrote in my notebook. My note book has topics I am thinking about and want to post to ideas for chapters in my books or things I am just randomly thinking of. Last night it was of a business idea and a few notes on the sequel to my book Freedom 95.

Now this is where my night got interesting. A lot of my Friends know that if I see someone in trouble on the side of the road I’ll stop and help. Well I just took a little drive and I was gonna go beltway to 395 and then home, well that didn’t go according to plan. I was on 495 and randomly decided to go south on 95 and as I did I noticed a black car driving weird. The driver was driving really slow and drifting. I thought he was drunk and began to call state police. Well just as I got state police on the phone I noticed the drivers front tire was blown out and he was driving on his rim. I began to wonder why he was driving like that and how long he had been driving on it. Well I turn on my amber lights and follow this care going now 35 on a 75 mph highway. He kept on swerving and drifting among all of the lanes of traffic. By the time we hit Lorton area about 10 miles down the road another driver, who turned out to be a firefighter, was following as well in another lane trying to help create a cushion. Well I am still on the phone with state police and there are so many accidents that they don’t have any free officers close by. So we finally make it down to Woodbridge and we are still going now at almost 80 mph we zip through the county in just a few minutes this guy is not wanting to stop or pull over. As we reach Manassas area and it goes down to 3 lanes on 95, I look back and see 3 tractor trailers helping slow traffic by taking up all the lanes and keeping a distance behind. As state police is busy I called stafford county to see if they could help and they sent an officer. The drunk driver was now on the shoulder driving so the 18 wheelers and all the slowed traffic passed us as we were going 25 miles an hour. As we pass the Stafford exit he swerves across all 3 lanes of traffic and scraps his left side on a guardrail. Luckily I saw that he was starting to do that and was able to get in front of a few cars heading in the left lane so they had a chance to slow down just as he crossed and hit the rail. I was sure he Was gonna stop after that but now was I wrong. He kept on going and finally a county officer and 3 state police showed up. It took him about a mile to pull over but I am glad he was off the road. I hung a around and submitted a report with a trooper as well as sent him the video I had of the whole ordeal.

That was one hell of a night but after seeing so many drunk driver accidents and knowing how dangerous it could have been I had to follow him, keep others back and report and document it. I didn’t get home till almost 6am after all that but i am ok with it because no one was hurt and after finding out he said he left from National Harbor I am glad his long journey didn’t cost lives. Don’t drink and drive!

Anyways that was my Friday night… Let’s see how Saturdays night turns

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Well this brightened my morning. Even though I do not care for Kia’s cars this commercial was so funny and cute. If my future children ever ask where babies come from this will be the tale. I love the entire concept and the commercial itself is put together very well. I look forward to some more of the super bowl commercials even if I don’t care for American football.

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Will You Accept This Challenge?


This photo has been swarming the Internet and I am sure by now you have seen it and know what it is about. However just incase it is of a 25 year old New York City cop buying a pair of $75 boots and socks for a homeless man. Now you may be wondering why have I decided to comment of this photo and well because this is something as humans we should all be doing. We need to be looking out for our fellow man. We should not rely on government programs or charities to always be there for someone who needs an act of kindness.

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Why Do I Blog???

So I have been asked before why do I blog (web log) and for the most part I haven’t given it much more of an answer other than well if you read it you would know. Well again tonight a new friend of mine began her blogging adventure. Jill’s blog is a fresh start for her and she doesn’t know what it’s true direction will be other than a place to write and keep a personal record of her thoughts. Now this is very similar to a diary or journal however since it is te internet more people will be able to view and comment on her personal ideals and beliefs depending on what she posts.

This is the true nature of blogging, not to be a troll or write something popular but instead to write about personal accounts and have a follow up discussion or opinion to follow. Many blogging sites have gone to main stream such as tumblr where i pretty much don’t care what anyone’s posts on there due to its nature of being to be popular and all about the followers. Yes followers are necessary in many regards but then it forces your posts from being true to more about what gets the followers attention.

Personally I like it when people read my posts and comment on what they read. I try however to aim at topics I find interesting or that I would like to leave my two cents. My goal is however to leave my mark on the net by leaving my opinions and likes and finds behind for future generations. The Internet is the ultimate time capsule and by leaving a record of what I find interesting or stories about my experiences, others can get my first hand approach to events.

I will continue to utilize my blog as both a journal to allow my opinions to be free and honest, and a place where people from all walks of life can understand the weird mind which I call my own and how it works. If anyone starts a blog for work or for a cause then good for you but I think the true nature of the blog is to be a personal account of your life from your eyes and ears.

Freedom 95, Story

Freedom 95

So after speaking to a few people and getting some new ideas I am going to continue to write the story but due to thieves these days I will not post it online. Instead those will be the teasers for you to pick up the book online through the itunes bookstore. My target release date is August 26th 2012 and if you know me then you will know the significance of this date. I do all of you do pick up the book and enjoy it and support me in the two sequals that I am thinking about. but for now one at a time and yes they will be cheap.

Freedom 95, Story

Freedom 95

Chapter 3 — Rally

The Cherry Blossom Hotel, Charlottesville Virginia 23:38hrs

Standing in front of the Cherry Blossom Hotel is a fresh soldier from the Blue Ridge Mountains along side him another private who has been around for a short time. They both stand watch over the hotel, their mission keep Colonel Ironwall safe. The freshy notices a blonde beautiful woman walking out of the beautiful hotel. All of a sudden Boom, their hearts drop, he forgets about the angel he just saw, and the Freshy turns to the hotel and they both run in.

Knowing immediately which room the Colonel is in the fight through the oncoming horde of scared residents fighting their way down the narrow halls and up the stairs. The Freshy keeps on going as the other private become encased in scared persons trying to flee. The hall is full of smoke and upon reaching the Colonels door the Freshy can tell the explosion was an attack. The door is stuck with debre and broken furniture, he finally pushes it open and looks at the wall, the ceramic plates did their job and reduced the blast significantly.

Freshy scours the room and finding the Colonel laying on the floor next to the bed. He slaps the Colonel. “Sir it’s Private Matt Allison, there has been an explosion we need to leave.” Ironwall opens his eyes in a very eary and immediate way, “I know son.” Allison helps the Colonel to his feet and begins to walk him out of the room. Ironwall quickly reaches for the mylar map sitting under the broken chair. Just as they reach the hall the other private joins them. With a quick salute and a demeaning look from the Colonel the proceed. “No we must not leave through the front, whom ever tried to kill me needs to believe that I am dead for now.” “Which way should we go sir?” “This way leads to a utility dumb waiter, we can use that and leave through the tunnel in the basement.”

At a slow and grueling pace they each go down the dumb waiter and reach the basement. With Allison holding the great Ironwall up the other private leads the way out. The emerge from the tunnel into a creek bed and a pick up truck is hiding in the bushes their for them. The other private looks in and breaks the window. “Now son why on earth would you break that window when you see that the truck is hidden for a reason?” “sorry sir I thought it was someone else’s.” Ironwall motions to Allison to take the driver seat. To the other private Ironwall says “thank you my boy, Allison can get me the rest of the way, make your way back to your unit and meet us at Bull Run.

Allison starts the truck and with a loud roar and heavy foot on the pedal they zoom away into the darkness. “I still can’t believe that private broke the window on one of my favorite trucks!” ripping open his shirt Ironwall inspects his own damages, just a few minor cuts the Dragon Skin Armor kept back two bigger pieces of scrap. “Looks like you need a new vest sir,” “yes it looks that way.”

Virginia Militia Staging Grounds, Bull Run Virginia, 03:57hrs

A few hours later, after driving through the back and broken down roads they reach Bull Run. Tent after tent after tent 5000 Virginians ready to fight back, and their boss has just come back with the battle plan to start the war. Ironwall departs the truck, “take the truck to the motor-pool, have them load it up with plenty of ammo and rations.” Allison drives away thinking deeply about the night and still struggling to remember the face of the angel which he saw earlier that evening. “I guess we will be moving out soon, I was really hoping to go back and find that girl” Allison says to himself.

Ironwall makes his way to the command tent where all of the senior enlisted and officers are already waiting for him. They all come to attention and shut up as Ironwall opens the flap. “Gentlemen, we move out in 48 hours, and will rendezvous with the rest of the just in Alexandria then we will attack our targets. Full mission briefing at 13:00 hrs and in the mean time get everyone starting to pack up and get ecintual gear from the quartermaster. Dismissed!”

Freedom 95, Story

Freedom 95

Chapter 2 — Lust

A beautiful blonde woman strolls down the road catching the eye of every man and boy as she walks down the heavy populated street. She grins as she follows her prey, her paid target, her mission. Ahead of her walks the man she is paid to kill.

The Cherry Blossom Hotel, Charlottesville Virginia 22:50 hrs

Colonel Ironwall enters through the marvelous there hold into a brightly lite and beautiful grand lobby. As he approaches the counter he is welcomed by a middle aged black woman, “Welcome back to the Cherry Blossom, Colonel it is always an honor to have you here. Same room as always sir?” “Yes please Giselle.” Suddenly a woman stumbles over the Colonels bag at the counter. Ironwall extends his hand “I am sorry the bag was in your way let me help you.” “No by all means my apologies I was stunned to recognize the same Colonel Ironwall that we hear stories about in the same hotel as I, my name is Charlie Park.” Not giving her real name she is proud of how well things are going but it is time to finish this she thinks.

As she is helped up by Ironwall she asks for a room for the night. Coincidentally she has booked all the rooms for the night under a different name as to leave just one room open. “We actually only have one other room available, room 419.” “Well I think Giselle here is trying to say something” as Ironwall winks at Giselle he offers to carry Charlie’s bag for which he does not know has the tool for his destruction.

Along the way to the room they offer only slight glances and smiles towards each other. Finally upon reaching the 4th floor, “So what brings you to Charlottesville Ms. Park?” “Oh um, I am here on business, my Father is a mechanic and he is thinking about setting up a school.” “Wonderful to hear that we are in high demand for mechanics, they are in short supply after attacks.” “I couldn’t agree more, if we are going to move ahead as a country… Or as states we need men who can rebuild the machines to lead us.” Ironwall noticed the slight pause after she said “Country” did she slip up?
Something is out of place? He was unsure and so was she. She could not believe how she just slipped up saying the one thing that points her to the North. Ironwall sees her to her room and says good night and walks to his room before Charlie can lure him into her room for the kill. But why did she slip up? Yes he was attractive and handsome but she has killed before with no hesitation but she couldn’t pull it off when she had the chance.

Sitting on the bed thinking what she must do next. Thoughts run thru her head of the evil man her father made Ironwall out to be. The man who kills women and children, whom steals money and takes power for his own. This can not be the same man that she just met. She grabs a glass and listens through the wall. Ironwall is writing a letter of last will explaining the attack on the bridge. She freezes, he is going to take out the life line to the North, a way of getting food to the hungry in the North… She know what she must do. She plants the explosive against the wall, she will take out Ironwall and head North to warn the bridge of the attack even though she is unsure of when exactly she can not let it happen.

She sets the clock for three long minutes and makes her way. There is no way he can escape, no way he can live, she will be the hero that protected the North. She makes it to the lobby, 45 seconds left, she could have sworn its been more than 10 minutes since she left. As the walks out side and steps off the curb…. she has done it. BOOM!

Freedom 95, Story

Freedom 95

July 4th 2012… The cold hard blast shakes the house, an emp…. Multiple emps … Good night USA

14 years later….

* the New Republic of America emerges from the darkness. The age of the geek is over, with no computers, no advanced technology, no Internet and the gun being the way of life the North pushes the way for a military rule by Major General Albert Christon. The South fights back…

The south rebels for independent state rule. The Fat Cats up north have turned to the mafia families and have raided the gold stores at wall street and Fort Knox. With Major General Christon in charge of the military and the self appointed president of the New Republic of America Benjamin Davey rules with out mercy acting as judge and jury. The Bill of Rights is no more and people can barely live.

The North hold the remains of luxury of living with servants and material wealth. The South has brought back the ways of large farms and agriculture yet is very poor. All produced in the south is hauled North in large military convoys leaving just scraps and crumbs behind. In the west those that lived in the plains died from hunger and moved further west or east however those that moved west perished during the Wave of 2021. The Wave left marsh and flooding from the coast to the Rockies with few survivors.

With the rest of the world dark and little is known about the Russian war machine spreading thru Asia and Europe, the focus is at home. A plan is constructed to gain freedom and state rule. Colonel Trigne Ironwall, Commanding Officer of the Virginia Militia, devises a war plan to gain freedom.

Chapter 1 — Architect

Smithfield Bar, Charlottesville, Virginia – June 6th, 2026 21:08hrs

In a dark musky bar full of low rambling and despair faces, Colonel Ironwall meets with fellow officers to discuss the raids further south against daily convoys. “Why should we stop attacking? We must protect our loved ones.” Ironwall looks up from his warm beer at a young Leutiant, his patch is from the Georgia 100, “Understand Leutiant, I am not suggesting we back down but rash attacks that case more casutiles on our side must be restructured.” Ironwall refills his beer from the pitcher,” I respect the Georgia 100 and what happened at Savanna but we must not rush things otherwise this movement will faultier.” Captain Tueel, of the Carolina 5th Battalion, “so what is the plan? Colonel O’Shea is getting anxious and want to strike Fort Sumpter.”

“We strike the Wilson Bridge.” Everyone looks up at the bartender in confusion. Only Ironwall has a grin on his face, “precisely, we take out the only crossing of the Potomac and hold the crossing at Alexandria.” Captain Tueel looks back at the bartender, “who said anything about bringing a bar with us? Why should you come?” The bartender states that he is 1st Sergeant Peterson of the Old USA Army and is the one who is keeping an eye out for troublemakers trying to alert the north.

Ironwall nods at the 1st Sergeant, “and we appreciate it, gentlemen, this is why I chose this location because I know we are protected and we can be the Architects of our rebellion against the North.” Ironwall gestures toward the table and the bartender and a guard flip the table over with apparent carving within the wood, Ironwall unrolls a Mylar map on the table and the carving become symbols on the map.

“The plan is to strike the bridge on April 5th at 19:00 hrs, as the sun is going down behind the troops ahead will be blinded as we attack on the eastern and southern posts of the bridge. As we attack the bridge a squad of Sappers will swim and attach shaped charges to the pillars of the bridge near the western shore and at 21:00 hrs the demolition will commence.”

“The Georgia 100 and the Carolina 5th and 7th will attack from the South while the Virginia 1st lead by me will attack the East. The Mississippi Sappers and the Mississippi Shockers will take out the bridge and heavy shore batteries.” Ironwall looks up and says “this is the plan and we will be striking them hard so expect losses. Let your commanders know.” He rolls up the map and walks out of the bar. Everyone goes into private whispers and the table is flipped back over and carried to the store room. As he walks out he looks toward the blonde woman near the corner near the door and gives a cute grin. What he doesn’t know is that she was waiting on him and knew he would notice her.


[Chapter 2]