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2378 Miles

Last year I did not really have the time or money to go on a trip just for my self. I did want to go to Vegas or camping somewhere however with work and classes getting in the way I had to crap those plans. This year I wanted to make it more about myself and what I wanted to do. It is safe to say I have alot more going on this year than I have in prior years. I have two weddings to go to this year, one of which is my brothers, and classes and work are taking up more of my time. One big event I really wanted to attend was my best friend Siera’s college graduation on Sunday May 3… in Hancock Michigan. That’s right, back to da UP. I must say timing was on my side because her graduation also landed on the best weekend for nerds this year, May 2. I call it the best weekend for nerds because of everything that was going on: Avengers Age of Ultron came out on Friday May 1, Free Comic Book day was on Saturday May 2, and Monday May 4 is ofcourse Star Wars Day. I decided that to make it a real vacation was to stop and stay in Chicago for all the fun events for each of these days. Best decision ever!

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Springfieldians rejoice for Marathon


OMG OMG OMG it is almost here; the longest marathon in history (TV history that is!)! In a true Springfieldian manner, the longest marathon is not one of running but of sitting on the sofa and watching TV and drinking a Duff. The Simpsons will air on FXX in chronological order all 25 seasons. That is 552 episodes and the Simpsons Movie will be included in the marathon and also will air chronologically after episode No. 400. The marathon begins at 10 AM ET on August 21 and ends at midnight ET on September 1; 12 glorious days!

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Happy Fourth of July!

Unlike many years before, this has been the best Fourth of July ever. Since 2006 I have had lame or bad time for the big reason I didn’t have anyone to spend the day with or a reason to go out. I didn’t start drinking till I was almost 24 and I didn’t like being in bars before that so I just stayed at home and slept or did something to keep me busy. Also for four straight years I would be working on the highway since it was one of the busiest holidays of the year travel wise. There were plenty of times were I would start at 8 am and be done close to 3 am. Those long days or accidents, tire changes, lockouts, and medical emergencies just ruined the day for me.

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A Happy Birthday!

Today I would like to wish my best friend Siera a happy 21st birthday. Siera and I met up at FU. I was a year ahead of her and she was an incoming freshman. We had said hello in a halls a few times but I got to know her a little more due to my roommate Chris. He was hitting on this other girl at the time who was close to Siera so that’s how we got to know each other a little more. Over the school year we learned more about each other and really connected over rugby. We talked quite a bit and just began to trust each other when ever we needed to vent or needed help. Many of times I had to help her out with car issues or getting around but it was always a pleasure be cause she is one of those rare awesome people. She is my best friend and I support everything she does and believes in. There are times when it feels like she is pissed at me but I truly care a lot about her and want to make sure she is ok and happy. I want to try and help her in any way I can and even thought she is always busy with hockey and becoming a nurse, I will always have her back and she has mine. She has given me a lot of blunt and forward advise which I need a lot of times and I always respect anything she says. There are times I wish we were closer and being miles apart doesn’t help. I do want her to move to DC and work here for a while and I look forward to a few future trips with her to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Anyways she is one of my few friends and fewer best friends and I would do anything for her and just hope she has a wonderful and enjoyable birthday today!!!

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Explorer Day Movement

Last night after talking to Kirsti for a while I was searching the internet and I came across a post about people suggesting the creation and editing of Columbus Day to Explorers Day. Columbus day is celebrated on the second monday of October. In more recent years people have been upset with this day because of the horrible things Christopher Columbus did to the Native Americans. I don’t believe it is right to celebrate these killings and mass murder but I do think he was still a marvel when it came to exploration and discoveries. Since I look at his work as an explorer, the followed that which I think is distinct in humans which is that Nature to explore.

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Classic gaming

Several months ago I had installed windows on my iMac so I could play Star Wars Old Republic. Well I got tired TOR and I had thought about a few games I loved growing up. A few windows games I missed were roller coaster tycoon, age of empires and sim city. Now yes they do have Mac versions but since I had windows I figured I would use it. Well it just do happened I remembered Steam was having a summer sale so I decided to see what they had since I had never used steam before (yes I knew of it and all just never checked it out in full) and boy was I happy. I picked up Age of Empires 3, Rollercoster Tycoon 2 & 3, Simcity 4, and Skyrim all for real cheap. Of course it took a while to download them all but it was worth it. It’s always nice to go back to some childhood memories… Just pulled an all nighter playing them all. Now to just plug in the N64 and I’ll be set.

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Let the games begin.

And so starts the 30th Olympic Games of the modern era! I love watching the olympics and cheering for Finland. I really wish I could attend these Olympics but I will just have to wait for Brazil to host the games. So as the games have started China and USA are both taking plenty of metals but we are just getting started.

I do want to take a moment and look back at the opening ceremonies. I could not watch them as the broadcast from NBC but thanks to DvR I was able to view it on Saturday. I have a few things to say of course…. First NBC should be allowed to have the broadcasting rights and everything but preventing anyone to view it online with out a cable contract is absurd! Seriously most people will watch via tv but some only have Internet and you are going to screw it up! Geeze so much for being free in America!

The ceremonies themselves were great and many people were saying Beijing ceremonies were better I’ll say with the different in culture and history I’ll say they were the same. I was waiting for Sean Connery and John Cleese to come out and do something but I didnt see them anywhere… Still the Queens spoof of her jumping out with James Bond was really funny and awesome (although I don’t like this bond at all!) The opening otherwise was great and loved the music tribute and the industrial revolution portions. Part of it really reminded me of the lord of the rings style which was pretty cool to that national epic.

Ok but seriously the only interesting fact about Finland you could find is on the parking an speeding tickets? How about how Norway, Sweden and Finland all have the most freedoms of speech and press and how Finland was named by Newsweek as the #1 country??? Yep good job NBC!

The stage was then set by the doves on bikes. This was pretty ingenius and really creative. It was men and women on bikes wearing dove wings that flapped while riding. Then came the lighting of the cauldron and I must say I was impressed. Each part of the cauldron is made up of 204 polished copper bowls that look like petals. The fact that in combination with each other they create one cauldron. Each petal is individually made and each had to be clicked into place into a specific rod. At the end of the games, the cauldron will be dismantled and the petals scattered to the 204 nations that took part in the opening ceremony. Its a great idea that each nation gets to take home a peice and is part of the one flame that is set to unite us.

Well I enjoined the opening and glad everything went safely and with out any real big problems. Good job Great Britain! More to come down the road.

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Understanding more about the host city.

With the Olympics beginning on Friday in London, I thought I would share some knowledge about England and London most people esspecially Americans do not know. The first video explains more about London and the City of London. The two are very different and have vast differences and a long and distinct history. The second video explains England, the United Kingdom, and the Commonwealth including the countries in which they govern and the powers and laws intermixed. I hope you learn something and I can not wait to go to London to explore myself.


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2012… a Bloody Olympics?

The Olympics is a grand arena watched by the entire world and attended by millions that span all races and religions. This is the perfect stage for terrorism and a stage to get  a peoples message out around the world. The games have always been a target for attack and many attacks have been foiled over the years however there have been several attacks. With the stage set to promote peace, war is always at its doorstep. Continue reading

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The real icon of America

So what is the real icon of America? you might think Apple because of its computers, underarmor because of its clothing McDonalds because of its food, or you might think of Ford or Chevy because of its cars but none of them come close to the icon which I think best describes America. 7-Eleven is a true American symbol and you might ask your self why but I will prove it to you because everything about 7-11 screams American life.

7-Eleven can claim its origins to being a family run corner store in Texas. Ofcourse over the years they started to expand and later became known as 7-eleven cute to it being open from 7 am till 11pm. Ofcourse now they are 24 hour stores and it is rare to see a 7-eleven closed but when you do you know it was a natural disaster or a robbery. LOL.

I remember going to 7-11 after classes and getting a slurp which of course they still have slurpees and i will occasionally go and get myself one. There also used to be a small neighborhood market near where I grew up called Rosemont Market aka “Green Store” however they went out of business not thanks to these big supermarkets but instead by the 7-11 down the road. Today is 7-11’s birthday and of course that means free slurps and I got mine today good old strawberry and banana. Anyways enough about me remembering my childhood, here is my reasoning behind the little store that defines us.


First off contrary to its name, 7-Eleven is now a 24 hour store that fits into the American always on the move life style. Many locations also have attached gas stations for easier convenience. 7-11 is nation wide with more locations than McDonalds and can be found pretty much anywhere around the USA. They also have many international locations. Being 24 hours gives it that if you need something at the moment just check your local 7-11 because they have so much to offer. Americans need to be able to find what they need and in a heart beat because we are a nation that is inpatient. The selection of items is key to making it such a successful chain. They sell such a wide range of product you can pick up a lot of your emergency or on the go products.  Americans love the fact they can set foot into one store and pick up their coffee, baked good, a magazine, movie, condoms, and hats all in a single store. I have seen them sell many different things but for the most part the main sections are – movies and media, coffee bar, candy, cold drinks, beer and wine, canned goods, snack foods, clothing, beauty and bath, electronics and school supplies, slurpees, hot food bar, Amazon Lockers, lottery and scratchers, and of course cigarets. Having all of this compressed into a small store anywhere between 2400 to about 3000 square feet. That is a small store and the fact i know of at least 13 in Alexandria is even more proof that you can find them anywhere.

Its this level of accessibility that I believe really shows that Americans can be lazy and demanding to force to have a small shop with everything everywhere you go. But my dissection does not stop there. 7-Eleven is a franchise and anyone can own one and really make some money out of it. It may not have the most well known name but I have never seen a 7-Eleven franchise go belly up due to lack of demand or competition. I have tried looking to a profit margin to see about how much a location makes in profit but I haunt been able to really find one. They surely are always busy, even during the middle of the night, you will probably be standing in a line with people trying to get their last minute beer or purchase a grey hound ticket or check their lotto numbers.


Within all this I am ok with saying that 7-Eleven is a good example of America because anyone can get a job there and work hard and make a living. You really get that neighborhood feel and learn the names of the employees. It just has everything you need and always being open means that someone is employed and working. It maybe minimum wage but someone needs to do the work and allows for cheap products for the rest of us. In many ways one can compare it to Walmart with the only real differences being size, amount of product, and number of locations.


7-11 is going to be around for a while and with strong marketing it will be hard to get rid of or put up a fight. On the free Slurpee day, 7-11 distributes about 6 million Slurpees in a single day. According to the fun fact page for 7-11, 13 million slurpees are consumed a month which is a lot of sugar. When the Simpsons Movie came out, many locations transformed into Kwik-E-Martswhich in my opinion was a great move to bring a great show to life and get plenty of business and foot traffic.


In conclusion, 7-Eleven in my eyes is America and will continue to be a defining name. All other large companies show off the amount of money America has or the power but I feel the truth and showing that everyone rich or poor flows through their doors to get what they need is a real definition. 

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The show must go on…

Ahhh the theater, one thing that has always been an enjoyment for me. I know people say theater is gay and for wimps and what not but I find it to be the most real and true art form for telling a story. I first became interested in theater back in fourth grade when my speech teacher introduced me to Shakesphere. I grew up reading all of his works and moved on to many other works. Even thought I had a hard time speaking, when we did a play in english class I would be fully involved with the story. In middle school I did alot of the stage hand work because I was far to shy to engage in a part but never the less I loved watching all of these plays. During my 8th grade trip to New York City, I got to watch cat in the hat, lion king, and several other shows which were great. Even now I enjoy going to some shows such as book of mormon and smapalot. I will say I dont touch the really girly ones because they are not something I like but when Wolf Trap hold a production of King Lear, I am there. I also saw Spamalot with my brother when it was in DC and it was awesome. They included the audience and was just so funny and really was enjoyable.

Many actors will say o glad you liked so and so movie but when you say you saw them in a certain production they are asking you questions about the show and when you went and everything. Becasue the shows are live anything can happen and each one has its differences. for example the timing of a line or the emotions displayed or even in some shows the reactions by the audiance. I have quite a few friends that are in theater business and they do some marvious thing. One friend, Jarreau Williams, has jhis closing night of the production Shear Madness. I desparatly wanted to go but I just couldn’t find anyone to go with let alone the time. This do boug me but I know he is great and I cant wait for his next production. Another great friend, Lauren Shaw, used to do theater back in high school and worked on it through her college carrer. Now she is acting, danceing and even teaching people how to become a great actress like her self. She might not admit it but she is really talented.

If you have never seen a show i suggest you take time and go watch one. They are just like moives in that there are many different stories and genres to enjoy. They are very creative and even better than the movies. Two of my favorites are the book of mormon and Monty Pythons Spamalot. Yes movies have special effects and get the publicity but the theater is more raw and engaging! Anyways I want you all to watch and enjoy one at some point and if you need someone to go with you I am sure i can find the time. Below is the 2012 Tony Awards hosted by Neil Patrick Harris who is a man’s man but also is a great singer and preformer. So enjoy the show!

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Battle of Manassas

It is 150 years since the Battle of Manassas or the First Battle of Bull Run how ever you which to refer. In this engagement close to 35,000 troops on both sides met at one of the first battles of the Civil War. The reenactment that was to take place over the weekend was canceled. Why was it??? Because it has been over 100 to almost 120 degrees out side and the historical reenactment decided it would be a bad idea to have men dressed in wool uniforms out parading around. Yes this is a good idea; let us think of this in another way.

The Battle of Bull Run occurred, during a Virginia summer, and ofcourse we do not have weather reports from 150 years ago but I bet money it was just as hot out. And if it was just as hot out then those troops would have been in the same condition as these reenacters today. Imagine walking 40 miles in heavy wool uniforms carrying a 50 pound pack, getting to your campsite, sleeping on the ground in the same sweaty uniform and then fighting the next day. They did not have AC, no running water, not real escape of the heat yet they still fought their foes, fighting for their cause. I don’t expect the reenacters to go thru this same process but it is something to understand and believe the misery and pain that happened during the war. Wars know no elements.

Just think about it.

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It’s been a while who cares

It has been awhile since I have written something. Unfortunately not much has been going on… Working everyday, being alone, workingout, and sleeping…. Same old same old. I was hoping since I’m in dc for the summer I would be having fun with my friends and enjoying myself… Instead I have 30 days before school and still nothing. My friends are always with other friends, work or just ignoring me. One of my ex’s who I love just came back into the picture and I’m at a loss for words because of everything that has happened. I am also trying to talk to someone else but that has stalled for the moment because of my ex and distance. Screw alot of things and if anything things can only go up!

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Research… i guess going to the library did help

So I got hooked up with a great job… I am a research assistant for a research firm that deals in the research of old military documents to help law firms. This job is a full 40+ hours a week job that has me pretty busy and dabblingin many areas: payroll, shipping, client letters, office organization of documents, and many other things.


After my past mistake that really hurt me and cause many problems in my life this job really helps get me back on my feet and will really help on my resume as to show after my event I can still be trusted and find very good work. I appreciate my bosses really being able to help me and give me a second chance. They are aware of what happened and with their help I will over come this like a champ.


There are many days when I am busy running all over the place but other times when I can sit and catch up on work or if I am done I can man the phones and see whats up online – like now ;) !!!Never give up hope because if you are a good person good things will present themselves.



Week #1

So it has been the first of many weeks of my summer and so far i have done nothing productive. I have been sick and puking for the last 4 days, headaches and back pains…. Freakin sucks! If anything I have been sitting here at my computer play world of warcraft and starcraft 2… if any of you play feel free to message me so we can play together!

So far the one good thing to come out of all of this is today the bitchy roommates I once had are now gone, their keys are turned in and this is now a true bachelor pad. The house is tidy and stocked… the only thing I have yet to have is some company. Yes I dont have many people up here to spend time with me but this was kinda the plan; to get away for once and be alone. I have my books, my video games and my mind to entertain me (altho it wouldnt hurt to see another living soul… my pet zombie keeps on trying to bite me.)

For this summer tho I do have some goals and I am on track so far: I plan on getting in shape again, reading 3 books, find a temp job, and make a few guy friends. This will be a summer to remember and I will visit DC at some point.


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So summer is right around the corner and i have been trying to get my plans in order. I will be staying in the UP at the house during the summer and working once i can find a local job to help pay for some extra bills and things since times are tough for the whole family. It will be nice to see the UP in ins beautiful glory during this tie instead of all of the nasty snow. Doris however is broken right now so i have to see about taking care of that issue soon as possible. I have talked to Dawn and would love to see some of the sights and have her show me whats around this area. I would love to go camping tho… I havent gone in years and cant wait to go and sleep out doors for a few days just gotta find people to come with haha.  otherwise i will just be getting stuff ready for Danielle to move in to the house for next year and see what the plan is for someone else. If anything i am ready for this school year to be over but cant wait for next year either. So far I have all A’s and plan on keeping it that way since i have all the time to myself to get things ready and mentally prepare. There is someone else i would love to see during the summer…. just have to talk to her and see what shes doing… if i could ever get a hold of her!