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Already 10 Years Later

There are many times where I think back to fond memories in high school where I think of close friends or things that happened. These memories are sometimes so vivid that I feel like they are fresh and just occurred the day before. It is hard to imagine how ever that these memories are 10 years old or even older. I was able to reminisce many of these memories and even several I completely forgot about a few weeks ago with old friends. It really is hard to imagine that over 10 years ago, I graduated from high school and even more hard to imagine that we have now had our 10 year high school reunion weekend. Yes, you read that correctly, Weekend!!! A three hour small gathering is not long enough to catch up with old friends and find out what everyone is up to these days. So our high school reunion committee made it into a small weekend event. A good choice if you ask me because picking a date when everyone is free and able to attend is difficult especially at our age when so many of our friends are getting married and money is still a major factor in plans.

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Honor Flight

Since I was in AJROTC, I have followed several different organizations for Veterans. The two I check on regularly are POW/MIA and Honor Flight. POW/MIA helps track down lost soldiers and to provide families with closure as well are remembrance. Honor Flight helps organize and bring World War II, Korean, and Vietnam veterans to DC to see the memorials dedicated to them. They help plan and organize transportation and medical needs while traveling. I am a big fan and supporter of both of these organizations and will at times go to events to volunteer my time.

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Friends around when we need them the most.

For the week of Fourth of July this year my best friend from school flew in and visited me. We had a blast checking out many different museums and monuments around DC. It was the best week I have had this year and in a long time. Since I rarely see any of my friends let alone be able to go to different sights and explore new things; I really cherish these moments and looking back on these really give me hope and happiness.

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An Alexandria Legend.

Today surprised me with someone I have not seen in several years and a person whom I always looked up to, Mr. John Porter. For those of you who don’t know Mr. Porter was the principle at TC Williams High School from 1984 till 2006… 22 amazing years. He is a native to Alexandria and was brought up through Alexandria City Public Schools system. After college he came back to Alexandria and work at the schools. To find someone who has dedicated so much time and has really made an impact to students is a real hidden gem. He always knew peoples names and even their family. He was also there for some of the most scary and dangerous moments in our high school career and he really helped us through them. He was there for us during 9/11, the DC Sniper, terrifying hurricanes, and even the deaths of some of my fellow students. He was a rock to us and I greatly admire him.

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A disappearing luxury

Ahhh the Barber Shop a mans way of relaxing and making him self feel pretty. This is one of the few ways I like to cheer myself up and make me feel good. Anyway I have a big date or interview or meeting I go to this one barber shop in Springfield. This started back when I was in AJROTC, a few of us on days of inspection or before a trip for competitions we would go to this shop and get a fresh high and tight cut and a Irish shave.

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So the other day a friend and I were working out and we were discussing work. He told me how he is working several jobs. Now he is happy with the work he is doing which is great. Well during our conversation it was brought up how a lot of our friend are either is crappy jobs or still can’t find work even with a degree. A good chunk of my friends work in the food services either as chefs or as servers and waiters. Another group of my friends has a hard time even finding work that will look good on a resume.

That is where it hit me how happy I am with the path I took. See during high school I was in JROTC and was ready to enlist in the US Army as a combat medic. After some debacles I ended up deciding to work full-time out of school. I had worked in many different fields including roadside and accident response, working at Apple, and even working in some corporate auditing jobs. Most of these jobs and others lasted for atleast a year.

The benefits for waiting was that I was able to get some early work experience under my belt. I also gained a sense of maturity and discipline to do my work which helped me in college. I now work at a historical research firm 9am-5pm weekdays. This is a great job for me to have and I know my previous work experience and my newly gained work ethics also helped me land this job. Being able to work hard at this job and actually enjoy going to work is a great feeling.

I know I am lucky to have a job like this. It pays way more than minimum wage and that I have a steady hours to rely on. For my friends who are working these late shift or whom have minimum wage jobs all I can say is work your hardest and even if the boss or coworkers piss you off just stick with it because it will pay off in the end.

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If I won a million dollars today I would…

1) Give $50,000 to my best friends Ahmed, Naeroby, Illiana, and Kelsey with the orders to do three things with it, spend 1/3 on themselves, use 1/3 on bills and loans, and the final 1/3 must be put into savings.
2) Give $20,000 to the TC Williams JROTC program since that program really made me the person today
3) Give $80,000 to the Kelly Cares Charity.
4) Give $100,000 to my little brother Harri
5) $250,000 to my parents to pay bills and to use on themselves
6) Clean up and have work done on the truck or I have been thinking buying an older style truck ($35,000)
7) I would only like a small house so rent a nice little place with atleast 3 bedrooms so Ed can move in and have some friends and other important people visit me.
8) Pay off my loans and bills ($65,000)
9) Buy a new computer and nerd out my place ($25,000)
10) Invest about $15,000 in stocks
11) Finally I would set up two accounts to split the remaining $200,000 (taxes will take out about $60,000-$85,000) evenly, one into a savings account for the future / retirement and another for a college fund for my future children.
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So today is my 25th birthday and here is a look back at the last 25 years and memories…

-1- baptized in Finland, started to walk at 7 months, I have a vague/not sure if it is real memory of my grandfather holding me as a large white cottage is delivered to our back yard
-2- first cross country skis…
-3- Harri was born and I wouldn’t even look at him lol
-5- started to play soccer, cracked my head open hence my bald spot
-6- learned to swim, took first trip to Florida with grandparents to the Everglades (grandmother freaked out at the python.)
-9- first kiss with Tita god she was beautiful but she moved a few years later
-10- broke my leg arm falling out of a tree at blue park
-13- I won 1st place at regionals for the science fair for a math experiment i did, could have gone to nations but ended up not going
-16- started my first job at Safeway as a courtesy clerk (bagger)
-18- worked at best buy, senior in high school, promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in Jrotc, first girlfriend Natalie, lost virginity, got my Truck (Doris still have with 278,000 miles)
-19- tired to enlist in the Army got shot down at MEPS for medical … To much acne, got a job as a corporate auditor for Safeway (god I got a great job but didn’t take is seriously wish I did.)
-20- worked at Vector Marketing for a few weeks selling Cutco knives (didn’t make any money but good knives.) got a job working at Auto Rescue doing emergency roadside service and accident response which I loved that job and stayed there for a while.
-21- got a job at Apple
-22- felony, gained and lost the best thing ever in my life I love you Sam always, decided to go to college, attended Finlandia University (yep FU) joined the soccer team
-23- rented a awesome house just a block from school
-24- hurt my leg
-25- Back in Dc working at a research firm for military lawsuits

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A Tribute???

Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of September 11th 2001 and the worlds largest rescue mission. As I am sitting here at my desk reflecting on the fact that I was so close to the attacks and yet I am here and alive; I look around and see many others who didn’t find out about the attacks till much later in the day or just watched it on the news yet had no personal connection to the travesty. Living in DC I saw the smoke coming from the pentagon, visiting the World Trade Center, I realize how massive and awesome the twin towers were. Over 50,000 people worked daily in the Trade Centers and out of all of the attacks only 2,976 people passed; to me this is a major undertaking by the rescue operations in NYC and DC.

As I asked people yesterday were they where at the time of the attacks most barely remember it or were aware but didn’t know the magnitude of the devastation – yes they know the pentagon and twin towers were attacked but many didn’t know the final count of who passed (2,976), the number of firefighters (343), or even that there was a fourth plane flight 93. Yesterday there was supposed to be a tribute and reading of the names of those who died on the attacks; yet i personally was disgusted at how people never came out to show their respects, or that there was no personal connection and that it was just another day to them. Many people didn’t want to read the names asking why them, why do we have to be the ones to do this… Well the reason is that your an American, this was an attack on your home and could have been one of your family members who passed.

Yes it has been 10 years but I feel people are starting to forget (at least those who weren’t there) or don’t care as much as they should. I wish I was back in DC for the ceremonies and moment of silence. For some reason and I dunno why but it was as if people around me didn’t care or didn’t cross their mind. The school should have done something big yesterday for the community, it doesn’t matter if the school wasn’t hit or hurt, its a show of respect to those who did.

I know this is a rant but this is how I felt! I was upset at people laughing at the reading of the names, that none came out to hear the names read, that persons did not want to be apart of it, and that people just didn’t stop to think or reflect that its 10 years and were are we now… are we any better than before, are we safer, are we in a better place with others and do we respect those who stop to save someones life when they don’t need to be risking themselves?

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All Generations of Terror

Today has again reestablished my view of our generation. Like every generation before mine we have grown up with different fears, from slavery, to world wars, to nuclear conflicts, and now to terrorism without political boundaries.

My generation has not learned the duck in cover but rather shelter in place… These words have come about and for me meant countless hours of drills and alerts. Since 9/11 when I first saw that smoke bellowing up from the Pentagon, I knew things were changing but I didnt know how extreme it would go. Living in the DC area and going to TC Williams High School… was both good and bad; the good I was in an excellent place to learn and discover… the bad however is that we are target #1. Our school went thru 9/11, DC sniper, anthrax alerts, shootings, and even bombing at the Pentagon.

My generation has had to accept the fact of the lost freedoms to stay free and today was another example of it. This morning there was a threat at the Pentatgon and there for the whole city when to lock down. There where police barricades and check points, many many military and police helicopters in the sky and low flying fighter jets (low enough that my ears popped and I could see the pilot.) Ofcourse this is nothing new to us here in DC but to my friend around the rest of the country this seems extreme, personally I feel safer when I see those flying around; the fire, ems, and police command trucks out; and even the lockdowns of some areas.

Ofcourse traffic this morning was a nightmare with so many roads closed due to the threat and the inconveniences but what would you rather have: that 5 minute trip to the pentagon to work and get inside and blown up of wait two hours in traffic to get the its safe command???

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its all about the little things

Recently a few of my friends (Danielle, Kelsey, and Brooke) have been coming over and hanging out with me watching the Big Bang Theory. If anything this has cheered me up alot and means alot to me. I didnt really have many friends or people to hang out with growing up. Only at TC did I meet Naeroby, Ahmed, and Antonio and actually get out and have some fun. I dont get to see or hang out with them much anymore with them being in other states and always working. At Apple I hung out with Ben and Kyle but i dont really keep in touch with them anymore. Here at Finlandia for the first year I hung out with Timmy, Zach, Steve, and Fons. They introduced me to alot of people at Finlandia and we had plenty of fun playing soccer but now they are not here anymore.

So as for these these 3 lovely women, their company means alot and really cheers me up for the fact that they want to hang out and get to know me. I have been happy with their company in the past few days with every problem and piece of hard-ache that has been happening. These  three women are awesome to hang out with and to get to know (altho at time the sex talk and the shit bout boys does get um weird…)

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Eyes Right

A lone young Belgian waits to salute Canadian Troops who were attending a memorial service. The “Eyes Right” command is the highest compliment Troops on parade can pay and is reserved for dignitaries at reviewing events. Being a Cadet Colonel back at TC Williams, I understand the importance and significance of this command. This just makes me proud.