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The Lore of the Shadow Priest Trigne

As Blizcon 2014 takes place I honor the game with a short three part story I wrote. It follows the World of Warcraft character I have, Trigne who I have been playing for many years now. It also has a few excerpts from events that happened to me in game. I hope you enjoy and I might write more later with the new expansion pack coming.

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The Awesome Pixar Theory

The other night I was kind of bored and wanted a good movie to watch. After looking through all of dvds (if you have seen my collection you know I have a decent choice) and I chose a movie that doesn’t get old and is very very good, Incredibles. Pixar has made many movies and sequels and I am still trying to figure out why the Incredibles has yet to see a sequel. So while I was watching it I did altitude research on IMDb and then online. I randomly stumbled on something interesting, an article talking about fan theories to Pixar movies the main one called the Pixar theory by Jon Negroni.

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Overprotective much….

A while back in the news there was a story about a mother who was charged for neglecting her seven year old son… for letting him walk to the park alone. Yes, a Florida mother was charged for letting her son go to the park with out proper supervision. This is absurd right? I ask because as a child growing up my brother and I had a playground down the street of our house and a lot of times would ride our bikes there.

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Springfieldians rejoice for Marathon


OMG OMG OMG it is almost here; the longest marathon in history (TV history that is!)! In a true Springfieldian manner, the longest marathon is not one of running but of sitting on the sofa and watching TV and drinking a Duff. The Simpsons will air on FXX in chronological order all 25 seasons. That is 552 episodes and the Simpsons Movie will be included in the marathon and also will air chronologically after episode No. 400. The marathon begins at 10 AM ET on August 21 and ends at midnight ET on September 1; 12 glorious days!

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AwesomeCon 2014

This weekend AwesomeCon was held in DC and since I have never had the chance or availability to attend any Con except via online such as BlizzCon or ComicCon in LA. I was hoping to find people to go with since I had never been to one before and I was honestly a little nervous. This was the second year of this con and already it had a lot of different panels to choose from and even a nerdy speed dating which I thought was interesting. Since my schedule was already packed I really had to pick and choose what I saw and when.

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Loons For All

Google, known for providing search engine unlocking important and needed information, has taken on the task to provide internet access to information to all. While it is a little difficult to provide power, internet service providers and unabated viewing of the internet itself, Google has a possible solution to this issue and it is looking to the skies. More specifically google is looking to the Stratosphere of our atmosphere to get the internet via wifi to places that don’t have any access. Balloons will be the carrier of the technology of these wifi stations and by using the air-currents much higher than what commercial and most military aircraft and operations.

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Cardboard Warfare

I have always loved the indie film groups that have made a name for themselves on YouTube, the series Cardboard Warfare is one of those beloved favorites. The group recently came out with another video and it is a following up with another World War II era looking video. The series mixes all of the childhood memories my generation has into something creative and visually beautiful. Our generation grew up playing with cardboard boxes thinking of them as different vehicles or ships to escape the rule of our parents.  We also heard about the tales of our grandparents and how they fought evil and were heroes battling those who want to do us harm. It was looking up to the greatest generation that lived and wanting to emulate that which they had done for us. I hope you enjoy this look back to how we imagined each of our childhood battles.

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One of my favorite superheros is Batman. He is a normal guy that uses his brain and wit to fight crime therefore almost anyone can be Batman. Vine is a app on smartphones that lets you take 6 seconds worth of video and there is one person who I follow, his name is Batdad. He fights crime to protect his children and personally this is parenting done right. He is a great rolemodel for being a good father and doing things differently. Below is a compilation of some of his best vines and also a interview with Batdad explaining why he does it. Personally these videos are funny and creative and just another part of the stuff one finds on the internet.

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Agents of Awesome!

A brand new series premiered last night, Agents of Shield. This new show flows the story of the marvel universe after the Avengers movie. Picking up right after the battle of New York we start with a new team of agents going around saving one person at a time. What makes this show even better is that Joss Whedon is involved. For everyone new to Joss Whedon I would like to welcome you to the best story telling ever. This show has only had one episode so far however it is full of Joss Whedon hat tricks and methods.

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There has finally been confirmation that Area 51 exists! Now so far the documents that have been released reference it’s existence and location. The documents have many redacted which means additional information has not been released only partial documents. This still means we don’t know much as to what is there or anything that takes place on this CIA base.

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Star Crafts

In two recent posts now I have talked about how the internet is allowing for indie games, videos, and comics to really spread to the masses. One of my favorites that I have been following for a while is Star Crafts. This flash comic is based off of Starcraft and Starcraft 2. Since Saturday morning cartoons have pretty much lost all appeal, these short videos have brightened my mornings.

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New Age of Entertainment

The internet has brought many new methods of entertainment from memes, to indie games, and to indie movies. YouTube has been instrumental in small studios wanting to show what creative ideas the have to the world. I have posted many interesting videos from YouTube and here is another. Legend of Zelda is a video game that may people have wanted to see made into a movie. Personally a movie would almost ruin the story because Link doesn’t really speak and its so vast. There have been some animated comedy sketches that are pretty funny but this is different. This is a live action version of Link battling Dark Link. If you know Legend of Zelda you know how dangerous Dark Link is. Anyways I thought I would post this one because I really enjoyed it and hope you do too.

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The 4th Battlefield

Yesterday the largest known cyber attack occurred in South Korea targeting ATM’s and Broadcasting stations. This attack was cripping because it prevented people from gaining access to their money as well as communication. Even though the rest of the inferstructer was not targeted or affected, not being able to get to one’s money can cause panic and chaos. It is scary to think that we are so vulnerable. I am seriously considering always keeping cash with me. I do have a go-bag that does have some money along with tradable commodities but to think a cyberattack can cause this much chaos is the world we live in. I am writing another post about the real skynet issue and how we are opening ourselves to be the targets of cyberattacks.

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The Universe

I always enjoy these videos not only because it helps explain scientific content in such a way for everyone to understand, but also because it lets me show it to my friends so they can understand more and learn. I have always enjoyed learning, particularly in the fields of astronomy and physics. I have self taught my self some of these concepts myself through reading books and asking questions. At times these concepts are hard to decipher from text into an image in your mind but these videos do a great job at showcasing and making everything relate-able and visual. This is the real reason why YouTube was created, to share knowledge and get ones ideas and stories in a visual format out to anyone. I already know a lot of these concepts and theories, however seeing them in this way does teach me more and helps me visualize it. Plus it doesn’t hurt to learn more and there is plenty I still don’t know but hope to learn. I commend the channel Minute Physics for their great job and very creative method of teaching others.