So I wrote and recorded my Last Will and Testament for the first time a few nights ago and I’m very happy I did. I may not own a lot or even have much in the way of material wealth but it was more so to leave private final messages. There is so much I would say and really spoke the truth about a lot of topics. Geez I did cry a bit there was so much to say but kind of tricky to say it but yea just thinking about it was hard.

I decided to do it since I’m 25 and have already been around for a while I figured you never know what will happen. Some how I always find trouble and there is a lot to say to certain people and I wrote and record both messages so people would know it was I and that I felt that way.

I feel great after doing it and knowing that if something would happen people would have something from me. Of course not everyone will get one but my family and brother get ones along with my best friends and a few others. I can only imagine how they would feel or act but I just hope the messages help. :)



So I always enjoy these little videos about physics, history and other things that help one understand things better. The internet may be know to make us dumber through memes, idiotic reality tv shows, and social media; yet it does play apart in making us smarter aswell thru TED, YouTube, and other things. So here is the lastest one to help you become more like Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

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Is the world coming to an end… No its not, this is not the last year of our existence nor will we all turn in to zombies (althought for several days I did think my sickness was the start of the virus.) this year will be great and I look forward to starting it off right; I am dating a beautiful woman now, I am cleared for rehab now for my leg, I am working hard at this research firm and to top it off I have my friends near me again. I will always try and work hard even though I do have my lazy spells but that is due to… (IDK) but I do work very hard and try to be the best person I can be and this year I don’t really have a resolution except to prove that I am a good and decent person and yes I have made my fair share of mistakes but I still love and care for my best friends, don’t want to harm others, and most importantly show that I do have honor. Simply put this year is about proving and regaining lost honor.


Back to basics

So I have been thinking (I know shock) recently on how it would be just to live with out dealing with a fancy phone, computer, Internet or tv, and. Just live with books and the basics. Well I am starting to imagine this as a very close possibility. I have a few people on Facebook which I check and communicate with and even fewer which I call or text regularly. So to save money and the constant “omg I hope there is something new on Facebook” facsimile, I am about to just sell everything, the few things I will keep running are my wordpress account because this is quite soothing (however I will start a written journal as well) and my iPad since most of my books are here and to get the use out of it. As for pretty much everything else. It’s time to go bye-bye…. This should be interesting.



245.8 Lbs…. this is not good… last time i looked I was 228 Lbs… Time flies and now I need to loose the weight and fast! I need to really work out and hard… it really sucks trust me but I need to get ready for soccer and plus just to get better looking you know. lol ooo well! here we go gym!



My Bestfriend’s Birthday

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Today is my best friend Naeroby Nunez’s birthday. She has turned 24 and is doing amazing things with her life. We are miles apart from each other but I still think about her and consider her one of my dearest friends. While looking back I realize how long she has been in my life and helped guide me and advise me with the will and tongue of no other. She is very blunt and helps keep me on track and with out her I would be a bum on the streets not knowing what path to follow. I have now know Naeroby for 8 wonderful and painful years. I remember meeting her just outside the Cafe in TC Williams and was introduced to me as someone interested in taking AJROTC. I didn’t think much of her other than a girl who wants a change and who will be mixed in within all the others.

Boy was I wrong; she quickly became an intricate part within the Armageddon Battalion. She took on many jobs helping out SFC Holden and helping with Quartermaster duties. She quickly became a part of the drill team and I even remember teaching her Color Guard. One of the many pictures I have is of the 2005 command doing Color Guard for the 2004 Graduation. This is one of my personal favorites and has all three of my best friends included: CPT Ahmed Dorghoud, MAJ Antonio Howard, CSM Naeroby Nunez and myself LTC Frank Scheer. Naeroby Became my Command Sergeant Major and I know she was the back bone of getting things done. She grew a lot and lost some of her temper but still she was always the grown one amongst us.

When she left for culinary school to become the marvelous and talented chef she is now I was wondering if we would grow apart and not talk. For a while we did but no matter what and how ever much time pasted we never lost our friendship or thought that things would effect it. Now she is a great chef in a restaurant in DC doing her thing. I hope one day when myself, Ahmed, and her settle down we will be close by and our children will play with each other.

I dont know what I would do with out Naeroby now a days and I dare not think it… Yes we have some epic fights but no matter what I cant stay mad at her and will always go back to her when she needs me. I remember many of times when she would call me during the middle of the night to talk and hang. I even remember one night where she was so distraught we sat out on her steps for hours and hours during the night talking.

I will say one last thing; Ahmed, Naeroby, Antonio and myself are so different that with out AJROTC we would not have ever been as close or even gotten to known each other but I would not want it any other way. They are my family and I will never for get them or want things to be different between any of us.

Happy Birthday Naeroby I love you.

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Y do the special need to die?
Y dont those who cause so much pain die?
Y is it that life can take so long to make but be so easy to take away?
Y do the small n weak die?
Y does god make the choices that hurt people the most?
Y cant life be different?
Y do somany people have to be ignoriant?
Y do most people only look out for themselves?
Y cant there be more people like me?
Y do people show up for only the happy times?
Y is it so hard for people to talk to u?
Y is it that when a person dies, few people remember that person for eternity?
Y does there need to be so much hatred?
Y does there need to be so much killing?
Y cant people get along?
Y can people do things to the betterment of man and not their wallet?

Trust and Happyness

Ever since I was young i have never had many friends and once i got my first few friends from Cora Kelly… only problem was i couldnt trust them… i have always had a problem with trusting people. Back at Cora Kelly I remember skipping class and going for a walk just to get away from people that hurt me and made me feel upset… its always been somthing that attracts it self to me. Even in high school i didnt have many friends till JROTC when we all where forced to trust our team mates and its those people that i can trust fully. People like my two best friends and my 3 sisters are the few people outside of my family that I can trust with my life and my sekrets and pains.. Even if I try and open up to people in new places i still get betrayed and laughed at. My sekrets are special for thats the reason they are sekrets and if i choose to tell you then ones should respect that. Trust has been difficult in every aspect… Most of my ex girlfriends have cheated on me (all but one)… and why is that… I am a wonderful, smart, dedicated, classical, hardworking, loving man; yet i am still betrayed. some people tell me u will find the one and yet now after everything i am not ready to meet the one… i am ready for everyone else to see the man who is better and non deserving of them… everyone expects one to find the right guy even though they pass by the ones that count. Happyness does not come easy and to be honest i cant wait to be happy again because its been a long time but now its time for me to work for my self and what i want and not to allow others to get away with betrayal and backstabing. People that want to be on my good and trusting side will have to work for it because i have always worked to be on others and look where it has lead me. I have done wrong things to people and many people have harmed me but now its time to decide who stays and who goes!


Hello world!

Hello everyone. I am just now setting this up and I will be posting alot of things that happen in my life and things that I remember about my days. Please feel free to leave comments and I hope you check in to see what happens to me.